Wesleyan Ministers Vermont Road (1838-1921)

Wesleyan Ministers Living in Vermont Road

Minister Residency in Vermont Road House Number
Rev. Joseph Cornelius Wright (1838-1912) 1883-1885 10
Rev. George Charter (1843-) 1883-1891 12


Rev. Charles Edwin Wansborough (1848-1908) 1892-1894 12
Rev. William Henry Clogg 1895-1897 12


Rev. Thomas Ballans Nicholson (1851-) 1898-1900 12
Rev. William Henry Clogg 1901-1903 12


Rev. John Edward Caine 1904-1906 12


Rev. Arthur Thomas Kinnings 1907-1909 12


Rev. Frederick Stuart Kirkness 1910-1913 12


Rev. John Carter 1914-1917 12


Rev. William Arthur Leonard Taylor 1918-1921 6


The Ministers and their Neighbourhood Endeavours

They ran the Wesleyan Literary Society which included participation from Vermont Road residents and entailed interesting activities such as talks on Mountaineering in Siberia and musical recitals by the vicars’ sons.  They ran the Foreign and Bible Society with its centenary in 1902 held byArthur Taylor at 6 Vermont Road.  They participated in the ‘Band of Hope’ part of the UK Temperance Movement with a UK membership in 1897 of over 3 million people. Members were under 16. Their aims were reflected in these quotations:  “We long to save the boys and girls from the drink curse which blights so many lives” and “this is a good work, and is greatly needed even in Norwood”.