Knight’s Hill

Maps and Land Ownership

Knights Hill in 1851 from London-and-its-environs-reduced-from-Skeleton-Plans-XV.NW-Surveyed-1848-50-Published-ca.-1851.

Knights Hill in 1851 from London-and-its-environs-reduced-from-Skeleton-Plans-XV.NW-Surveyed-1848-50-Published-ca.-1851.

Knights Hill in 1875 from London-First-Editions-c1850s-LXXXVIII-Surveyed-1870-Published-1875.

Knights Hill in 1875 from London-First-Editions-c1850s-LXXXVIII-Surveyed-1870-Published-1875.

Knights Hill in 1875 from London-First-Editions-c1850s-LXXXVIII-Surveyed-1870-Published-1875.

Knights Hill in 1897 from London-Edition-of-1894-96-CXXXVI-Revised-1894-Published-1897

Knights Hill in 1897 from London-Edition-of-1894-96-CXXXVI-Revised-1894-Published-1897

Knights Hill in 1897 from London-Edition-of-1894-96-CXXXVI-Revised-1894-Published-1897

Knights Hill in 1916 from London-1915-Numbered-sheets-XIII.2-Revised-1913-Published-1916.

Knights Hill in 1916 from London-1915-Numbered-sheets-XIII.2-Revised-1913-Published-1916.

Knights Hill in 1916 London-1915-Numbered-sheets-XIII.2-Revised-1913-Published-1916.



Sales particulars for St John’s Lodge, Knights Hill

By (Mks of the Trustees of the late T. Tredwell, Esq. (important Freeholding Building or Residential Estate), known as St John’s Lodge, Knight’s Hill, close to West Norwood Station, comprising a capital family house (as occupied continuously for 34 years b y the testator and members of his family), 14 bed chambers, dressing room, bathroom dining room 36 feet by 27 feet 8 inches, drawing room 30 feet by 16 feet, second drawing room, morning room, library, conservatory, 39 feet by 20 feet 6 inches, servants’ hall, offices, extensive cellarage, stabling for six horses, coachhouses, cottages for coachman and gardener, farm yard buildings, lodge, carriage drive, lawns and ornamental grounds, cedars, fish reservoir, fountains, conservatories, vinery, rosary, summer houses, kitchen gardens, vine and peach houses, ornamental water, island and well-wooded meadow land, in all 21 acres and forming on of the most complete residential properties of the kind pithing the like distance of London.  The land has a frontage of about 1,168 feet to Knight’s Hill and on the north-west side abuts upon the St. Julians’s Park Estate.  It is well adapted for immediate development for building purposes.

Norwood News April 3rd, 1886


Significant Street Buildings

    West Norwood Golf Club (1913 – mid 1920s)

    The OS Map of West Norwood dated  1913 shows the existence of West Norwood Golf ground.  It was built on land which had been part of the estate of the late Charles Blake who was responsible for many of the buildings in what is now called the Chatsworth …

    The Knights Hill Jewish Orphanage and Asylum (1863 to 1961)

    The Jew’s Hospital and Orphan Asylum, Knights Hill, West Norwood (1863 to 1961) In 1795 the financiers Abraham and Benjamin Goldsmid invited subscriptions from their friends for the foundation of a Jews’ Hospital for the relief of the aged poor and an …

    Lower Norwood Free Public Library (1888 – 1969)

    On Saturday July 28th 1888 the Norwood Free Public Library was opened by the Earl of Northbrook.  Mr Nettlefold purchased the site for 1000 pounds and it was quite an architectural addition to the neighbourhood.  The Library contained literature by the …

    Elm Cottage, Knights Hill

    The buildings now standing on the west side of Knights Hill opposite St Luke’s church and its churchyard are not the first on that land. Before they were erected at the end of the 19th century, the area they occupy and also that of Nettlefold Place wer …

    1856 – Lower Norwood/West Norwood Station

    West Norwood Station was opened as Lower Norwood on Ist December 1856 as part of the West End of London and Crystal Palace Railway.  It was renamed on 1 January 1886 by the London, Brighton and South Coast Railway (LBSCR) owing to the objections of an …

Social History
Census Data Analysis from 1841 to 1911

Age profile
1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901 1911
Under 5 19 8 21 50 44 44 53 50
5 to 15 60 31 47 84 117 79 93 102
16 to 21 26 11 24 59 87 64 67 61
22 to 30 28 26 41 97 103 74 91 82
31 to 40 36 8 34 57 87 60 74 96
41 to 50 11 3 33 53 55 34 53 83
51 to 60 4 11 13 23 40 40 45 61
61 to 70 4 4 27 25 23 35 27 31
71 to 80 0 4 8 15 10 6 10 15
Over 80 0 0 7 3 0 2 2 3
Total 188 106 255 466 566 438 515 584
Average age 23.61 26.34 32.83 28.46 24.90 29.06 28.96 35.73
Male 88 46 107 171 225 198 207 255
Female 100 60 148 295 331 240 308 329
total 188 106 255 466 556 438 515 584
Male 46.8% 43.4% 42.0% 36.7% 39.8% 45.2% 40.2% 43.7%
Female 53.2% 56.6% 58.0% 63.3% 58.5% 54.8% 59.8% 56.3%
No. of households 20 49 101 95 94 103 142
Female householders 3 8 28 13 10 23 30
1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901 1911
Place of birth
Argentina 1
At sea
Australia 1 5 1 1
Cameroon 1
Canada 2 1
Ceylon 1 1
East Indies 1 1 1
England 106 228 433 528 420 481 567
France 6 6 2
Germany 10 4 3 3 1 3
Holland 1 2
India 1 4
Ireland 2 3 2 2 8 4
Isle of Man 1
Italy 1 1
Jamaica 1
Mauritus 1
Norway 1 1
not recorded 1 2
Poland 1
Portugal 1
Prussia 2 1
Russia 1 1
Scotland 2 6 12 5 13 4
South Africa 1 1
St Helena
Sweden 2 1
Wales 1 3 5 4 1 2
West Indies 1
Total n/k 106 255 466 566 438 515 584
Occupations 1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901 1911
Accountant 3 2
Actors and Actresses
Advertising agent 1
Amusement attendent
Architect and land surveyor 1 3
Army – Corporals and Captains etc 2
Artist and sculptor 1 3 1 4 2
Athletic outfitter 1
Auctioneers 1
Baker 3 1 2 3 3 4 3 9
Bankers & Bank clerks 2 1 2
Barmaid 3
Barman 1 1
Barristers 1
Beer seller 1 2 1 1 1
Blacksmiths 1
Book folder/repairer 3
Bookkeeper 3 2 2 2
Bookstall Mamager and Assistant
Bootmaker and boot sellers 1 3 1 1 4
Bricklayers 3 2 5 3 2 1
Builder 1 1 1 2 4 6
Butchers and assistants 1 5 4 7 2 6
Butler 1 1
Cab proprietor
Cabinet maker 1 1
Cabinet salesman
Cabbage dealer 1
Carman 1 1 2 1
Carpenters and joiners 2 2 6 13 8 4 5
Carriage and van builder
Caretaker 3 1
Cashier 2
Cattle Dealer
Cemetry gatekeepers 2
Charwomen 1 1 1 2 4
Cheesemonger 1 1
Chemical manufacturer 1
Chemists and chemists assistants 1 3 5 1 3
Chimney sweep
China dealer 1 1
Civil Engineer 3 1 2
Civil servant 1
Clergymen 2 5
Clerk 5 4 5 5 15 11
Coach builder
Coach builder
Coachman 2 1 4 3 1 2 3
Coal Porter 1
Coffee Housekeeper 1 2 2
Commercial agent
Commercial traveller 1
Commission merchant 1
Compositer 1 1
Confectioner 3
Conjurer and ventriloquist
Cooks & Chefs 1 8 10 4 10 1
Cordwainer 1
Corn dealer/ merchant 1 1 1
Corset maker 1
Costmonger 1
Cowman 4 3 1
Crystal Palace employees 1
Decorator 1 5 5 4 1
Dental assistant
Dairyman 2 3 1
Distiller 1 2
Doctor 1 3 2 3 1
Domestic Servants 17 5 33 66 53 28 44 34
Drapers and assistants 2 2 1 1 4 2 1 3
Drayman 1
Dressmaker 2 1 2 10 3 14 3 12
Dyer 1 3
Esat india merchant 1
Electrican 1
Electrotyper 1
Embrioderess 1 1
Engineer 1 1 2 1 1
Engraver 1 1 1
Errand boy
Estata agent 1
Excavator 1
Farmers and farm bailiff 1 2 1
Farm labourers 1 2 1 2 1 1
Farrier 1
Fireman 1
Florist 1 1 1 1 3
Footballers –  professionals CPFC
Footman 2
Furnace stoker
Furniture restorer 1
Fruitierer 3 1
Furrier 1
Gardener 3 2 8 13 1 10 7 7
Gas fitter
Gas Lamplighter
General Carrier 1
General collector 1
General dealer 2
Glazier 1
Glove Machinist
Governess 1 2 7 2 1 2 1
Greengrocers and assistants 1 1 1 5
Grocer 1 1 2 2 3 5 1
Grocer’s assistant 6 1 3
Groom and stablemen 2
Groundsman – cricket and tennis ground 1
Gunmaker 1
Gymnastic teacher 1
Hairdressers and assistants 6 3
Hammerman (railwy worker)
Harness and saddlemaker 1 1
Hoisier and hatter’s assistant
Hosier 1
Housekeeper 1 1 1 4 5 3 2
House furnisher 1
Innkeeper 2
Inspector for Board of Agriculture
Inspector for RSPCA
Insurance worker/clerk 1 6 3
Investigator of occult science
Ironmonger 1 2
Ironworker/erector 1
Ivory worker 1
Jeweller and assistants 1 1
Joiner 1 1
Journalist 1 1
Journeyman 2
Kindergarten worker 1
Labourer 4 4 12 1 2 16
Lace Dealer 1
Ladies and children’s outfitter 1
Lady’s maid 1 1
Laundry workers/ & Laudresses 2 2 4 9 5 6 6
Leather collector 1
Leather goods manufacturer/buyer 1
Letter Carrier
Letter carrier
Librarian 1 2
Licensed Victualler 1 1 1
Lift attendent
Lodging housekeeper 3 1 1
Machine braider
Malt Factor
Managers and manageresses 2 2 2 4
Mangling 1
Mantlemaker 2
Map curator 1
Mason 4 1 1
Marble Mason 2
Maufacturer 1 2
Merchant 1 2 1
Messenger 1 1
Miliners and assistants 1 2 4 1 2 5
Milkmen and mlk carriers 1
Missionary 1
Money Taker
Monthly nurse
Motor fitter 1
Mower 5
Musican 1 3 1 1
Needleworkers 1 4 1
News Vendor 1
Night watchmen 1
Nurse 1 2 10 5 13 3
Nurseryman 1 1
Nursemaid 3 1
Oil merchant 1 1
Organist 1
Page 1 1
Painter and decorators 2 2 2 2 5
Paperhanger 3
Photographer 1 1 1
Piano Tuner
Plasterer 2
Plug Master 2
Plumbers 1 2 1 2 3 3
Policeman 1 6 1 1
Porter 1 1 3
Postmen 1 2
Postmistress 1
Potato Merchant 1
Poulterer 1
Printer 3
Professor of Language 1
Professor of Music 1 1
Programme seller
Provision dealer
Provision merchant
Publisher’s representatives
Railway workers 1 3
Rent Collector 1
Riding Instructor
Road Foreman 1
Royal Nanny 1
Saddler 1
Salesmen and saleswomen 2
Sanitary inspector 1
School teachers 2 2 2 1 4 2 10 6
Science artist
Sculptor 1
Shipbroker 1
Shoemakers 3 1 1 2 2
Shop workers 1 1 1
Shopkeeper 2 3 2 1 2
Shorthand writer 1
Sign writer
Silk merchant 1
Solicitors and soliciotrs clerks 1
Stationer 2 2 1
Stock Exchange 1
Stonemason 4 3 1
Sugar Buyer/Dealer 2
Surgeon and assistant surgeon 2
Surveyor 2
Tailor 2 1 2 2
Tailors’s merchant
Tea dealer/merchant 1 1 1
Telegraphist and telegaphic messemgers 2
Theatre Manager
Timber merchant
Tin worker 1
Tobacconist 1
Tram conductor 1
Traveller 1
Turncock 1
Turner and assistants
Typist 2
Umbrella manufaturer 1
Underwriter 1
Upholsters 2 2
Victualler 3
Waiter & waiteress 1 1
Warden of Alms houses 1
Warehouseman 1 1 2
Watchmakers 1 1 1
Watchmaker agent 1
Weather Inspector
Wharf Superintendant 1
White Smith
Window cleaner
Wine merchant 1
Woolen Draper 1
Workhouse naster 1
1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901 1911

1841 Knights Hill residents from census:

 James Smith a solicitor.  Joseph Petty a Plumber.  His son a painter.  Daughters dressmakers.  William Park a bricklayer.  George Currick a carpenter and his son Thomas a butcher.  Sarah and Hester Bates living on their own means.

1851 Knights Hill residents from census:

 Edward Austin a dairyman.  Thomas Austin his son a dairyman.  Ann Brooks owner of a schools with 16 pupils and 3 servants.  Marian Amall an annuitant with 2 daughters and 2 servants.  Henry Webb a gardener.  William Hagland a cordwainter (shoemaker).  William Land a landholder.  John F. Hyde owner of Whitgift property.  George Gould a farm labourer.  George Davis a gardener. William West an agricultural labourer.  Alexander Heather a coachman.  Thomas Bates an agricultural labourer.  Ellen Hedger a laundress.  Chris Morrison a gardener.  Richard Hammond a gardener with lodgers working as a boot and shoe maker and white smith.  Job Laming a worker in the India Rubber Company.  John Bacon a carman.  Daniel Sweeter a gardener.  William Camden a shepherd.  Richard Barnes an engineer.  Thomas Cubbed a pharmacist.  James Arnott a gardener.  Richard Redford a coachman.  William Street an apothecary.  Mary Wilson a landed proprietor.  E. F Marton and Elizabeth Davis living on their own means.  William Dutton builder.  John Townsend a gardener.  Ben Wilcox a carpenter.  Charles Ode a Gardener Foreman.  Harriett Nicholson a schoolmistress.  Joseph Mosely a builder.  Hirmam Munt a coach maker.  John Hills a gardener.  John Lee – Linen Draper House.

1861 Knights Hill residents from census:

Moses Staples – landed proprietor and 3 servants.  Thomas Maudsley – engineer and 6 servants.  Robert Armistead – master florist and daughters who were milliners.  James Manfield – retired silk merchant and 3 servants.  James Stratford – shorthand writer and 2 servants.  Joseph Miles – gentleman gardener.  John Valentine – distiller and 2 servants.  Charles Eley – manufacturer and 4 servants.  James Swaysian – under gardener.  James Holland – fundholder and 3 boarders working as clerk to general merchant, bank clerk and clerk and 2 servants.  Alexander Sharpe – physician and 3 servants.  Herbert Cannan – official assigned of HM Bank and 4 servants.  Sarah Boyd widow and son a carpenter.  James Furst – labourer and gardener and carman as sons and a lodger as labourer.  William King – labourer.  Benjamin Peed – head gardener with daughter as pupil teacher and 2 lodgers as under gardeners.  St John’s Lodge. Thomas Tredwell –  as building contractor and 5 servants.

Foreigners’ Almshouses.   Charlotte Burmester –  a widow with daughters as dressmaker and governess previously.  Theresa Enterman – master tailor’s wife.  Anna Bruce – plain needle woman and daughter the same.  Marguerite Dufour – formerly French governess.  Dessie Ritterskamp – formerly lodging house keeper.  Judith Aanensen – widow of captain.  Sophia Welham – needlewoman.  Joseph Anneli – teacher of music.John Becker – warden of arms houses.  Sophia Holm – formerly housekeeper.  Charles Goodchild – formerly sailor.  Arnold Beckman – furrier.  Emmanuel Prissier – formerly stationer and daughter a needlewoman.  Jaco Grimm – formerly baker.  Maria Maud – formerly laundress.  Matthew Ottergold – formerly shoemaker.  John Kenman – tailor.  James Home – formerly clerk in London.

Distressed Foreigners.—A piece ground has been taken at Knight s Hiil, Norwood, for the purpose of erecting almshouses for distressed foreigners. The building expenses are estimated at £3,000. 

Herts Guardian, Agricultural Journal, and General Advertiser – Saturday 21 August 1852

Knights Hill. George Sparks – beer seller and 1 servant. George Dyman – coachman and wife charwoman.  Eliza Gritton – husband a railway inspector but away.  Henry Eyre – retired army captain and 1 servant.  George Sutton – police constable.  Thomas Buck – greengrocer.  Samuel Larkin – gardener and wife laundress.  William Moon – agricultural labourer.  Richard Redford – harness maker and fly painter.  Elizabeth Laurence – retired and son a shoemaker.  Samuel Hart – bricklayer.  John Thorn – grocer and cheesemonger.  William Knott – Waiter and wife dressmaker.  Septimus Own – tailor.  Emelia Mathews – draper.  Jane Kingston – royal nanny.  David Haycock – architect and land surveyor.  Rowland Buck – builder employing 6 men.  John Sheldrick – grocer and son assistant at the Crystal Palace.  Charles Taylor – schoolmaster.  George Fowle – master builder and 2 servants.  William Smerdon – journeyman carpenter.  Jonathon Bunker – bricklayer, son journeyman bricklayer and lodger journeyman bricklayer.

1871 Knights Hill Residents (from Census):

Knight’s Hill. Ann Brown and sister – lodging house keeper.  Walter Cooke – shop baker.  Hannah Killsey – china dealer and son a turncock.  Henry Dunston – chamber music master employing 1 man.  Henry Phillips – news vendor and 1 servant.  William Phillips – pharmaceutical chemist.  Thomas Rowley – gardener and wife – draper and 1 servant.  Edwin Smith – decorator and brother in law a stationer.  Henry Roofe- painter and glazier and wife painter.  William G Trotman – retired grocer and 1 servant.  Charles Chipping – watch and clock maker and jeweller.  Henry Weaver – gardener and 2 servants.  2 Knights Hill Terrace.  Mary Elmwood and 3 sisters – living on invested money and 1 servant.  2 Knights Hill Terrace.  Edward Everett – woollen draper and 1 servant.  2 Madeira Villas.  Joseph Liddell – sugar dealer and 3 servants.  1 Madeira Villas.  Elizabeth Tyts – annuitant with daughter and sister – annuitants.  1 Madeira Villas.  George Kent – merchant and 2 sistersannuitants.  Eastmount.  James Wright – civil service engineer admiralty and 2 servants.  Beaumont House.  James Mansfield – retired silk manufacturer and 1 servant.  Beaumont House.  Robert Armistead – florist and seedman.  Mandelays Buildings.  James Livermore – carman.  Coach House Rooms Over.  Samuel Byford – coachman.  Thomas Maudslay – master engineer and landholder with 5 servants.  Anne Staples – landholder with 2 servants.  1 Eden Villas.  Thomas Bull – financial agent and his wife Charlotte Bull – conductor of lay’s school and 1 servant.  2 Eden Villas.  William Wye – wine merchant.  4 Eden Villas.  Hannah Godby – annuitant and 1 servant.  5 Eden Villas.  Henry Edmunds – sugar buyer for wholesale grocer and 3 servants.  7 Eden Villas.  John Harris – medical practitioner and 1 servant.  8 Eden Villas.  George Hughes – commission merchant and wife – dealer in lace and 2 servants.  9 Eden Villas.  G P Merrett – civil engineer and 1 servant.  10 Eden Villas.  Thomas Thompson – potato merchant and 1 servant.  11 Eden Villas.  John Chambers – commercial clerk and patenter.  12 Eden Villas.  Frances Jacob – governess and partner – governess with 6 boarders as scholars and 1 daughter as scholar and 1 servant.  13 Eden Villas.  Mary Elston – annuitant and 1 servant.  4 Brunswick Cottages.  Jane Page Wills – governess.  James Gower – laundress.  3 Brunswick Cottages. George Hepburn – civil engineer.  2 Brunswick Cottages.  Louisa Pack – dressmaker.  I Brunswick Cottages.  James Evans – gardener and wife laundress.  Emma Leadbeater – dressmaker.  2 Brunswick Place. Robert Shuckford – annuitant and 1 servant.  1 Brunswick Place.  Amos Ardie – household property with son – engineer and son and daughter – theatrical and 1 servant.  2 Stone Villas.  Frederick Bardo – stationer and 2 servants.  Foreigners Alms Houses.  1 – Cusslatt Burmester – annuitant. 2 – Geneore Aanensen – annuitant and 1 servant.  3- William de Comolera – artist.  4 – Gracinie Bougie – annuitant.  5 – empty.  6 – Henry Blepebure – annuitant.  7 – Emily Bruce- dressmaker.  8 – empty.  9 – Derengere Lavell- annuitant.  10 – absent.  11 – empty.  12 – empty. 13 – Christian Londner – tailor.  14 – Margarett Phelps – annuitant.  15 – empty.  16 – empty.  17 – empty.  18 – Sarah Holm – auctioneer. 19 – empty.  20 – empty.  21 – Anne Jonery – merchant’s widow.  24 – Sophia Holm – annuitant.  Marguerite Tudor – annuitant and formerly governess.  25 – Sophia Welham – annuitant.  John Mourmermy – messenger to society.  St John’s Lodge.  Charles Heath – lodge keeper.  Benjamin Reed – gardener.  St John’s Lodge Bailiff’s Cottage. William Lamslin – farm bailiff.  St John’s Lodge The House.  Anne Treadwell – landholder and 5 servants.  Knight’s Hill Cottage – William Sharp – coachman and wife dressmaker and 2 servants.  Laurrell Cottage.  Sarah Boyd – annuitant and son – carpenter.  Knights Hill House.  Herbert Cannan – public accountant and 5 servants.  Alex Harp – G. P. with governess and 3 servants.  Knights Hill.  John Ballentin – distiller and 3 servants.  Quilter’s Lodge at the gate.  George Bown – gardener.  William Quilter- accountant.  Coach House Rooms Over.  John Everett – coachman.  Knights Hill. Thomas Garngr – leather buyer and 1 servant.  Thomas Johnson – advertising agent and son coffee broker’s clerk and 2 servants.  Norbury Cottage.  Godwin Timms – physician, governess and 1 servant.  Belle View.  Charles Wilson – official officer from Lloyd’s Sewage Association from Indian Navy and 3 servants.  Clearmont House.  Lord Huntley – GP and 1 servant.  Norwood Cottage.  Elizabeth Meade – house and property and investment, sister annuitant and 2 servants.  Toy shop.  Elizabeth Wilcox – carpenter employing 1 man and daughter – shop assistant.  Baker’s shop.  Charles Harriss – master baker employing 1 man.  Butcher’s shop.  John Roberts – butcher employing 2 boys and 2 servants.  Shop.  Arthur Deacon – carpenter.  Grocer’s shop.  Bartley Wilson – master grocer employing 2 men. 1  Deaconj’s Cottages. Elizabeth Cupps.  John Skinner – gardener.  2 Deacon’s Cottages.  William Hart – gardener.  3 Deacon’s Cottages.  James Lovell – gardener.  Charlotte Morris – dressmaker.  4 Deacon’s Cottages. Thomas Freeman  and lodger – plug makers.  5 Deacon’s Cottages.  Thomas Tyrell – bread and biscuit maker.  6 Deacon’s Cottages.  Henry Feirs – gardener.

1881 Knights Hill Census

I High Street to Chapel Road East Side

  1. Norwood Hotel Henry Osborne – Licensed Victualler, wife, 2 sons – barman and scholar and servant
  2. Knights Hill Dairy Daniel Jones – Cow Keeper, wife, 3 sons and 2 servants
  3. Ivy Lodge James Wilson – carpenter, 2 daughters and 1 son
  4. Sophia Gaston – fancy depository, sister
  5. George Carpenterpoulterer, wife, daughter, brother in law, 2 boarders

Anton Rudeshause – master baker, wife,

  1. John Sheldrick – grocer and widower

Knights Hill Police Station  – James Glover – Inspector of Metropolitan Police,   wife, 3 daughters and 2 sons

  1. Frank Wilmot – labourer, 2 sons- scholars, 2 daughters and 5 lodgers – labourers
  2. William Doe – carpenter, wife, 2 lodgers
  3. Frederick Mott – Police Constable, wife, daughter
  4. George Whittaker – gardener, wife
  5. George Bunker – coachman, wife – laundress, 5 daughters – laundress and scholars, 1 son
  6. Thomas Rippon – Bootmaker, 1 son

      John Bacon – small farmer, wife, 1 son and 5 daughters

  1. Amelia Hibberd – widow.4 lodgers – manufacturing, policeman, mason
  2. Edward Allen – stoneman employing 1 man, wife, 7 sons – grocer’s assistant, mason, scholars,
  3. Isaac Norris – stone mason’s labourer, wife, daughter, lodger – marble mason
  4. Josiah Collar – carpenter, wife, boarder – carpenter
  5. Joseph Petty – master decorator employing 5 men, 3 daughters – governess in infants’ school, schoolteacher, scholar, 1 son – decorator
  6. George Sparks – beer seller, wife, 4 sons – upholsterer, carpenter, bricklayer, scholar, 2 daughters – mantle maker, milliner

Almshouses – The Lodge – Frederick Graham – cemetary gate keeper, 2 sons, 1 daughter

3 Stone Villas Frederic Bardo – 2nd Lieutenant M and A.V., wife, 5 daughters – scholars and 2 sons – scholars, 1 servant and 1 nurse

2 Stone Villas Alfred Temple – in the service of the Corporation of the City of London, wife, 2 servants

1 Stone Villas George McLeod – gentleman, 1 son – insurance clerk, 1 daughter, 1 nephew – insurance clerk, 1 servant

St John’s Lodge Annie Tredwell – Independent Means, 1 daughter – independent means, 5 servants – cook, 2 housemaids, parlourmaid, kitchenmaid

St John’s Lodge The Gate – Charles Heath – Lodge Keeper, wife, grandson – decorator

Cottage in Grounds  William Lanedin – Farm Servant, wife – farm servant

Benjamin Pearce – gardener, wife, 2 sons – gardeners

Knights Hill House William Anderson – Banker, 3 daughters – scholars, 4 servants

No Name Alex Sharpe – General Practitioner, wife, 3 daughters, 4 servants

Ivy Bank Edith More – Officer’s Widow, 2 daughters, 4 servants

Portobello Lodge Joseph Taller – Head Gardener, wife, son – leather collector, 1 companion, 5 servants – nurse, butler, head housemaid, under housemaid, cook

Portobello Stables – Elizabeth Gray – Butler’s Wife, 1 daughter, 2 sons – baker, porter, gardener, scholar

Arnam Villas Frances Adams – independent means, 1 daughter, 1 son – clerk, 1 servant

Thomas Johnson – General Collector, wife – teacher of music, daughter – artist, son – shipbuilder’s clerk, 1 servant

Rosalie Arthur Nichols – Collector for property, wife

Belle Vue Florence Gillett, 1 son, 1 mother, 1 cousin, 1 sister in law, 3 servants

Claremont Andrew Snow – oil merchant, wife, 2 sons, 4 servants – housemaid, nurse, under housemaid, cook

The Bays William Taunton – General Practitioner, 1 daughter in law, 1 brother in law – tea merchant, 1 brother – gentleman, 2 servants

Norwood Cottage Mary Harper – laundress and lodger, 1 daukghter

George Cottle – butcher, wife – laundress

Toy Shop Elizabeth Wilcox – toy shop keeper, 6 daughters – toy shop assistant, house keeper unemployed, 4 dressmakers, nurse, 1 son – carpenter

Baker’s Shop Charles Harris – Baker, 1 daughter – housekeeper, 1 servant

Butcher’s Shop John Roberts – butcher, wife, 1 son, 1 daughter, 3 servants  – 2 2 butcher’s assistants

Stationers Henry Phillips – Bookkeeper.  Wife. 3 sons – scholars.  3 daughters – milliner, scholars.  1 servant

Grocer’s Shop William Bartley – grocer.  Wife.  1 servant

1 Dibden Cottages.  Charles Dyer – coachman.  Wife.  3 daughters.  1 son.

1 Dibden Cottages George Prior – lodger, gardener and coachman.  Wife. 1 lodger

2 Dibden Cottages Joseph Chandler – gardener.  Wife. 2 lodgers – cow keeper, cow man

     3 Dibden Cottages Ann Freeman – widow.  1 daughter.  I lodger – charwoman

4 Dibden Cottages James Levill – gardener.  Wife. 1 son – gardener

5 Dibden Cottages Arthur Ambrose – plumber.  Wife.  1 lodger – carpenter

6 Dibden Cottages Thomas Cooper – Excavator.  Wife.  1 son – clerk

7 Dibden Cottages William Copland – greengrocer.  Wife.  5 sons and 1 daughter

Ivy House Anne Brown.  1 lodger.  1 sister – assistant

Molacourt James Upingham – gardener.  Wife.  1 daughter.  I lodger – grocer

Plumbers Thomas Lewis – plumber. Wife.

Oilman Samuel Newcomb.  Wife  1 daughter

Chemist William Phillips – chemist.  3 daughters – teacher’s assistant, milliner,  scholar.  1 son – assistant chemist.  1 housekeeper.  I assistant chemist.

Draper William Gunn – draper.  Wife.  1 daughter. 1 niece. 3 draper’s assistants.  1 servant. 1 lodger

Watchmaker Charles Chipping – watchmaker.  Wife.  5 daughters – 2 watchmaker’s assistants, 2 scholars.  2 sons – scholar. 1 boarder – formerly nurse.

Bootmaker Lewis Wayborne.   Wife.  3 sons

Crown Cottage Edward Bull – Gardener.  Wife.  1 daughter – lady’s maid.  3 sons – 1 grocer’s boy, 2 scholars

Lisborne House Emma Hopkins – private income.1 daughter – private income.  2 servants – cook, housemaid

Medina Villas Mary Elwood.  4 sisters.  1 servant

Medina Villas Edward Everett – Retired woollen draper.  2 daughters.  3 servants

Medina Villas Joseph Milstede – underwriter.  Wife.  1 daughter.  2 sons.  3 servants – cook, housemaid, nurse

Medina Villas William Gibbs – member of the stock exchange.  Wife.  6 daughters – scholars.  3 sons – scholars. 1 sister in law – investments.  2 servants – cook, nurse

East Mount Henry Coe – umbrella manufacturer.  1 daughter.  2 sisters  1 servant

Beaumont John Hoare – gardener.  Wife – gardener.

Nursery Samuel Martin – gardener.  Wife.  1 daughter. 1 brother – gardener.

Knights Hill Thomas Manderley – engineer.  Wife.  Daughter.  Companion.  4 servants – cook, parlourmaid, housemaid, laundry maid

Garden Cottage Charles Gunter – gardener.  Wife. 2 sons

Barton Louisa Truscott – interest on money invested.  Nurse.  Servant

Meadow Bank Arthur Fawcett – Solicitor’s Articled Clerk.  2 Servants – parlour maid, cook

Silverdale Robert Fogg – civil engineer.  Wife.  2 nieces.  2 servants – housemaid, cook.

1 Essex Villas  Thomas Sheppard – manager of public company,  Wife.  Mother.  Niece – scholar.  Son

2 Essex Villas Jane Allen – property.  2 daughters.

3 Essex Villas William Hubbard – clerk at Bank of England.  Wife. Son.  2 servants – housemaid, domestic servant.

4 Eden Villas Sarah Spires – money from house property.  3 daughters.

5 Eden Villas Clara Musgrave- of independent of means.  1 sister. 1 servant

6 Eden Villas Thomas Gammon – retired jeweller.  Wife.  2 daughters.  1 grand daughter.  1 servant.

8 Eden Villas Edward Cooper – manager of silk warehouse.  Wife.  2 daughters.  2 servants – housekeeper.

9 Eden Villas Charles Regan – agent to silk manager.  Wife, Daughter.  1 servant.

10 Eden Villas Thomas Thompson – potato merchant.  Wife.  2 sons – clerks

11 Eden Villas Henry Judge – clerk.  7 sons. – scholars.  1 daughter.  1 servant






















1881 Knights Hill Street Directory 1885 Knights Hill Street Directory 1894 Knights Hill Road Street Directory 1904 Knights Hill Road Street Directory 1914 Knights Hill Street Directory 1922 Knights Hill  Street Directory
From Knights Hill Road and Chapel Road to Crown Lane East Side From Chapel Road to Crown Lane Right Side From 1 High Street to Crown Lane East Side From 1 High Street to Crown Lane From 1 High Street to Crown Lane 1 High Street to Crown Lane
Mrs Tredwell St John’s Lodge Ivy Bank St Luke’s Church St Luke’s Church East Side East Side
W. Anderson Knight’s Hill House 1 Albert Fletcher St Luke’s Villas St Luke’s Villas St Luke’s Church St Luke’s Church
Dr. Sharpe Barkley 2 Robert Fabian Russell Rickett, Smith and Co Lime and Coal Merchants Charles Frederick Thwaite , proprietor Crown Hill Dairy Hannen Road Hannen Road
Mrs Moore Ivy Bank Knights Hill West Norwood Railway Station West Norwood Railway Station 1 Edward Thomas Surveyor and Estate Agent 1 Miss Chesterman Family Florist
Miss Morris Portobello House Miss Morris Portobello House Wall Letter Box Wall Letter Box West Norwood Railway Station West Norwood Railway Station
Mrs Adams Arran Villa John Roberts Arran Villa Gloucester Road The Façade Wall Letter Box Smith and Son Bookstall
thomas Johnson Austin Thomas Johnson Austin 3 John Hablett The Norwood Hotel 1 C. H. Schmidt bootmaker The Façade The Façade
A. W Nicholls Rosalie Cottage Captain N S Percival Leydenburg 5 James Garside Wright Carpet Warehouse 2 Arthur John Skilton watchmaker 1 Mrs Eva Page Florist 2 Madame Rayne Robes
W. E Gillett Bellevue Captain William Henry Petley R N Bellvue 7 Francis C Sands Tailor 3 Miss M Lowe Confectioner 2 Percy Woodcock Bootmaker 2a Peckahm Rye Laundry Co
Dr W Tannton The Bays Mrs E Broadhurst Claremont 9 Balls and Son veterinary surgeons 4 Miss Laura St Clair Milliner 3 Ernest H Saunders Confectioner 3 T.F Field Confectiooner
George Cottle Norwood Cottage William Whitchurch Taunton M R C S The Bays 11 Thomas Edward Wheeler stationer Gloucester Road 4 Head Brothers Tobacconist 4 Arthur Martin Tobacconist
Bartley Wilson grocer and wine merchant E. Willcox Builder and Decoratory 23 Harry Edward Angless Proprietor he West Norwood Musical Agency Knights Hill Road Knights Hill Cotswold Street
Dibden’s Cottages Mrs Willcox Fancy Repository West Norwood Public Hall 3 Joshua Westmoreland The Norwood Hotel 3 James Howard The Norwood Hotel Knights Hill
William Copland greengrocer C S Harriss Baker 25 S and L Ingham Misses Confectioners 5 Horatio G N Brown Hosier 5 White Lodge Laundry and Dyeing and Cleaning Company 3 John William SmithT he Norwood Hotel
W. Foster, manager The Crown Hill Tea and Coffee Room Dibden Place 27 Alex Hogg Fancy Repository 7 Francis C Sands Tailor 7 Francis C Sands Tailor 5 White Lodge Laundry and Dying and Cleaning Co; receiving office
1 Mrs Brown Ivy House 1 John Roberts butcher 29 Hamilton Reavs Jeweller 9 Balls and Son Veterinary Surgeons 9 Balls and Son Veterinary Surgeons 7 S and E Sands Tailors
2 James Springall china warehouse 2 J Macefield Stationer Post Office 31 John Sard Ironmonger 11 Thomas Edward Wheeler Stationer 11 Thomas Edward Wheeler Stationer and Post Office 9 Leaner and Son farriers
3 Thomas W Lewis 2 Samuel Newcombe  grocer and wine merchant 33 Frederick Mannering Auctioneer 11 H Turner Omnibus proprietor (stables) 11 Telephone Call Office 11 Thomas Edward Wheeler Stationer and Post Office
4 Bartley Wilson oilman Dibden Cottages 35 Herbert E Jones Grocer and Post Office 23 Hermitage and Sons Music Sellers Perrestone Press Limited printers and designers,  Telephone Number Streatham 1493 11 Palmer Newbould and co printers
Clifford Terrace 4 James Springall China Warehouse 37 John Amos Draper West Norwood Public Hall T A Franalmer Fleet Pholeo Limited, Photo Engravers 23 Frank Cooper Bootman
W. T Phillips pharmaceutical chemist 5 Edwin Harry Gray Dairy Powel’s Road 25 Misses S and L Ingham Confectioners 23 Frank Cooper Bootman 25 Frank Cooper Bootman
2 & 3 William Gunn draper Knights Hill 49 A R Hausen baker 27 Mr Herbert E Jones Grocer and Post Office West Norwood Public Hall 27 S. Fry Grocer
 Miss Leaf Mission Rooms W. Foster, manager The Crown Hill Tea and Coffee Room 51 William Stow butcher 29 Mrs S Williams Toy Dealer 25 Misses S and L Ingham Tobacconists and Confectioners 29 Charles H Virgo Confectioner
9 O Wayborn bootmaker Left Side 53 Charles Vaines Fruiterer 31 Mr Arthur J Stagg Dining Rooms 27 West and Dearsley Grocers 31 Mrs Maud Bremner Dining Rooms
Edward Bull Crown Cottage G Scott Baker 55 George F Barnes Dairy 33 Mr George Mursell Dyer 29 Sidney Hudson Toy Director 33 W Bugg and Sons Builders and Decorators
Knights Hill Terrace Bodley Brothers Knights Hill Joinery Works 57 G.Freeman Bootmaker 37 Mr Arthur T Hickmott Cycle Maker 31 Mrs Maud Bremner Dining Rooms 35 Pwercy D Clark Furniture Dealer
3 Mrs Hopkins Brunswick Villas 59 Charles Scantlebury Inspector  Knights Hill Police Station Knights Hill Square 33 W. Bogg and Sons Builders and Decorators 37 Arthur T Hickmott Cycle Maker
2 Miss Ellwood 1 Miss Pilfold 61 James Watson horticultural builder 49 Joseph Follett Baker 35 Percy Clark Furniture Dealer Knights Hill Square
1 E. J Everett 2 R. Mills 63 James Allard builder 51 Richard Bollom Butcher 37 Arthur T Hickmott Cycle Maker 49 Joseph Follett Baker
Knights Hill Knights Hill Ernest Street 53 Mr Frederick G Davies Fruiterer Knights Hill Square 51 Richard Bollom Butcher
W Bolter Gibbs Medina Villa Wesleyan Methodist Church 67 W. Bugg Builder and Decorator 55 Mr Frank Cooper Bootmaker 49 Joseph Follett Baker 53 Frederick G Davies Fruiterer
Henry Coe Eastmount Brunswick Place 69 William Monckton 57 Mrs Maud Montagu Wardrobes 51 Richard Bollom Butcher 55 Mrs Maud Montagu Wardrobes
James Mansfield Beaumont House Mrs Evans Laundrress 71 Edward Allen Monumental Mason 59 Mrs James Wiggins Station Sargeant Knights Hill Police Station 53 Frederick Davies Fruiterer 57 Percy Woodcock Bootmaker
Samuel Martin  florist and seedman at Knight’s Hill Nursery 3 James Evans 73 Isaac Norris 61 Mrs George Henry Moore 55 Mrs Maud Montagu Wardrobes 59 Sydney Wall Station Sargeant Knights Hill Police Station
Thomas Henry Maudsley 4 Miss Pack dressmaker 75 Mrs M Coopler dressmaker 61 James Watson Builder 57 Raymond Lavis Hairdresser 61 George Walgter Quy
Mrs Truscott Burton Dassett 5 John Wicken 77 Joseph Petty and Son Plumbers  63 James Allard and Son Builder 59 Robert Tyler station sargeant Knights Hill Police Station 61a Henry Remnant
William Fawcett Meadow Bank 6 Richard Jary 79 George Lyons Beer Retailer Ernest Street 61 Nixon and Lee Dairy 63 Lymath Boorer Carpenter
R. Fogg Silverdale Eden Villas Miss Soffe The Lodge 67 Mrs William Bugg Builder and Decorator 61a Henry Remnant Ernest Street
Eden Villas 12 Miss Badcock Rothchilds Gardens 69 Holdgate Mitchell 63 Lymath Boorer Carpenter 67 Benjamin Jacobs
1 Thomas Henry Shepard 11 Henry Judge 111 William Hibbert Nmbhard 71 Edward Allen Monumental Mason Ernest Street 69 William Clarke
3 W. N Hibbert 10 John Edwin Wilkinson 113 Edward Cooper Llewelyn 73 Isaac Norris 69 Nelson Horatio Sanders 71 Mrs Hunt
4 Mrs Spier 9 Charles Rigan 115 Col George herbert Bolland Melton Lodge 75 Mrs M Cooper Dressmaker 71 Langlois Butler Upholsterer 71 L and E Butler Upholsterers
5 Mrs Clara Musgrave 8 E. L Cooper 117 Mrs Goodchild 77 Jospeh Petty and Son Plumbers London General Omnibus Co Lts (garage) 71 London General Omnibus Co Lts (garage)
6 Thomas Gammon 7 Henry J Rhodes Chapel Road 77 London Omnibus Company Limited (Stables) 77 Jospeh Petty  and Son decorators 77 Joseph Petty and Son Decorators
7 Henry J Rhodes 6 Thomas Gammon 121 William Lacey 79 Charles Fowler Beer Retailer 79 Edwin Drew Beer Retailer 79 Mrs Mary Drew Beer Retailer
8 E. L Cooper 5 Mrs Musgrave 123 William Bucknall Primitive Methodist Chapel Primitive Methodst Chapel Primitive Methodst Chapel
9 Charles Rigan 4 Mrs Spires Wesleyan Chapel Rothschild Street Rothschild Street Rothschild Chapel
10 T. Thompson 3 Seijas Simeon 125 James henry Hearle 111 William Hibbert Nembliard 99 John Alfred Cooks 99 Arthur Leslie Forrest
11 Henry Judge 1 James C Cooper accountant 127 Miss pack 117 Mrs Goodchild 99a Mrs Parsons 99a Oswald Fishwick
12 Percival Lambert Knights Hill 129 Ernest Brigden 117 William Huntington Secretary and Director Norwood Technical Institute 101 Arthur Martin 101 Nicholas Hahn
Brunswick Place  R Fogg Silverdale 131 James Wood 117 F. Vernon Shorthand Writers Association 101a Master Alfred Harding 101a John Ashley J Collie
6 Richard Jary William Whalley Fawcett Meadow Bank 133 Mrs Warden Pillar Letter Box 103 Charles Morton Parker 103 Thomas Richard Bates  Neat
5 John Wicken Mrs Truscott Burton Dassett 135 Frederick Seymour Chapel Road 103a G. Scott 105 Mrs Hart
4 Miss Pack dressmaker Thomas Henry Maudsley 139 John Edward Wilkinson 119 James Henry Perridge Bookmaker 105 Reginald Smith 105a Edgar Ponton
3 James Evans Samuel Martin florist and seedsman Knights Hill Nursery 141 Miss Rogers 121 William Lacey 105a Thomas Edwards 107 Mrs Butler
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel Frederick Gamwell Beaumont House 143 Apted John Henry 123 William Bucknall 107 George Bryant 107a Thomas Henry Stidolph
R. Mills Brunswick Villa Henry Coe Eastmount 145 Frederick Mace Wesleyan Chapel 109 George Malyan 109 Lewis Gerhold
1 Miss Pilfold  G. Scott baker and confectioner W. Bolter Gibbs Medina Villa 147 Andrew Jackson 125 James Henry Hearle 109a Cyril John Cooke 109a Cyril John Cooke
Knights Hill Road Jos Milstead Medina 149 Edward Samuel Wallis 127 Thomas Jeff 111 William Hibbert Nembhard 111 William Hibbert Nembhard
F 1 High Street to Chapel Road East Side Knights Hill Terrace 151 Charles Frederick Hart 135 Henry Butler 113 Bernard Funcke 113 Charles William Jospeh Smith
Lower Norwood  Church 1 E. J. Everett 153 John Cullum 137 William Tatnell 117 Christopher Alxeander Goodchild 115 Reverend Francis Mulock Anderson (curate in charge of St Luke’s Mission Church
Lower Norwood Railway Station 2 Miss Ellwood 155 Mrs M May 139 Burton Drake William Huntingdon Principal LCC Norwood Technical Institute 117 Christopher Alexander Goodchild
H Orborne The Norwood Hotel 5 Mrs J C C Hopkins Lisburne House 157 Daniel Wood 141 James Howard Pillar Letter Box 117 William Huntingdon principal LCC Norwood Technical Institute
Balls and Son Veterinary Surgons Clifford Place Durham Road 145 Ernest Brigden Chapel Road Chapel Road
Daniel Jones Knights Hill Dairy James Ambrose Arnsby gasfitter Crown Cottage 159 Robert Fogg M I C E Silverdale 147 Mrs Jackson 119 Andrew Crawford Baker 119 Mrs Crawford baker
S Gaston Fancy Repository O Wayborn Bootmaker 163 Edward Junior Kingsbury Burton Dassett 149 Mrs M Wallis 121 William Lacey 121 Mrs Hawkins
G Carpenter poulterer Miss Leaf Mission Rooms 167 John Martin Florist and Seedman 151 Robert Chambers Sanitary Expert 123 Spencer Cartwright 123 Henry Spencer Cartwright
Fowles Road William Copland Greengrocer 169 Edward Wollacott Beaumont 153 Rowland Ellis Wesleyan Chapel Wesleyan Chapel
W Brown Sampsons Cottage Henry Palmer Draper 171 Septimus Daws East Mount 155 David Elke 125 Mrs Hearle 125 Mrs Hearle
A R Hausen baker W. T. Phillips pharmaceutical chemist 173 William Honey 157 George Arthur Smith Fire Alarm 127 Arthur Giles Pike 127 Arthur Giles Pike
John Sheldrick Grocer Samuel Newcombe oilman 175 William Cooper Durham Road 129 George Richard Hart 129 George Richard Pike
F J Glover Inspector Knights Hill Police Station Thomas W Lewis Plumber 177 John Edward Dooley 159 Mrs R Fogg 131 George Smith 131 George Smith
F. Wilmot Brunswick Cottage Richard Stanford Tobaccionist 181 John Brockley 161 John Bailey Tarrant 133 Miss Rose 133 Miss Rose
Charles William Doe carpenter Sycamore Cottage Mrs Lowndes laundry Ivy House 183 Stephen Griffin Crown Cottage William Banwell Elmwood 135 George Thomas Harris 135 George Thomas Harris
George Bunker laundry Crown Hill 185 Robert Wright Bootmaker James Barfoot Haslemere 137 William Tatnell 137 john Devonport
Thomas Rippon blanketmaker Knights Hill Road 187 Leafield Mission Rooms Reverend Leonard Tucker Raymead 139 Frank Lazelle 139 Mrs Ford
John Bacon Mrs Kyberd Ross Cottage High Street to Chapel Road Left Side 189 Edwin Wright Greengrocer Thomas James Wallis Nutshell 141 James Howard 141 James Howard
Haydens Cottages Lower Norwood Church 191 Max Kalb Carver and Gilder Dassett Road 141 Miss Howard Dressmaker 143 Mrs Edgar
1 Isaac Norris St Luke’s Villas 193 W. T Phillips pharmaceutical chemist Andrew John Ormiston Hill View 143 Mrs Edgar 145 Mrs Williams
2 Josiah Collar Lower Norwood Railway Station 195 John Hemming Confectioner Leonard Brigden Tolworth 145 James Ford 147 Mrs Jackson Norwood and Norbury Nursery
Knights Hill Road Gloucester Road 197 W Hammond and Son Builders Mrs Hewison Bailey House 147 Mrs Jackson Norwood and Norbury College of Music 149 Miss Wallis
Joseph Petty plumber H Orborne The Norwood Hotel 199 Stanford Road Tobaccionist Mrs S E Hickman Monroville 149 Mrs M Wallis 151 Arthur John Cole
George Sparks The Rosemary Branch George Collins Oilman Crown Hill Alfred Thomas Bigg St Cuthbert 153 William A Bradford 153 William A Bradford
F. G Gusterson The Knights Hill Alms Houses Hyams and Tye Drapers West Side 165 Edward Engelbach Holderness House 155 Frank Mann 155 Philip Breakspeare Colegrave
Stone Villas Balls and Son Veterinary Surgeons 2 Albert Yeatman Monumental Mason 167 James Noble Florist and Seedman 157 George Dowley 157 George Dowley
3 Frederick Bardo William Hales and Co Knights Hill Dairy 2 Yeatman and Sons Undertakers 169 Thomas Martin Bethany Fire Alarm Darlington Road
2 A. G. Temple S Garton Fancy Repository 4 Henry Antsey Nurseryman and Florist 171 Septimus Daws East Mount Darlington Road 159 Frederick John Stubbings
1 George McLeod  The Norwood Institute G Carpenter poulterer 6 Alfred Leaver and Son Builders 175 Charles O Aldous 159 Miss Hayward Silverdale 163 Arthur Edward Coner
West Side Fowles Road 8 Henry J Bromley Auctioneer 177 John N Comper 163 Mrs Powell 165 James Barfoot
Andrew Waugh Snow West Norwood Lodge A R Hausen baker 8 Percy Hunter District Surveyor 179 Miss Ellwood 165 James Barfoot Haslemere 167 Herbert Thompson
Thornlaw Row Joseph Fox Grocer 8 Cornelius Henry Ollard 181 Harry George Phillips 167 H Thompson 169 Albert Stratton
Thornback Road Charles Branwhite Inspector Knights Hill Police Station 10 S Fudge Fancy and toy depository 183 Frederick Mountstephens 169 Thomas James Wallis Nutshell 171 Miss Tomlinson
Daniel Crittal butcher Baikie and Watson horticultural builders Brunswick Cottage Press Buildings 185 Robert Wright Bootmaker 171 Miss Tomlinson Dassett Road
Wolfington Road 13 George Bunker laundry Truslove and Bray Printers, Norwood Press  187 Jesse Gostling Dyer and Cleaner Dassett Road 173 John Nelson
Jews Hospital and Orphan Asylum 14 Thomas Rippon bootmaker Knights Hill Road 189 George Musto Hairdresser 173 William Daves 175 Miss L H Bishop School
George Holford The Horns Tavern 14 John Bacon, Alfred Butler, Edward Allen Ross Cottage 12 Post Office 191 Mrs Rose Cheshire Confectioner 175 Miss l H Bishop School Tolworth 177 Robert W Malyon
John cole Elm Cottage Haydens Cottages 14 Frank James Burgoyne librarian Norwood Public Library 193 Mr W. T Phillips Pharmaceutical Chemist 177 Alexander Anderson 179 George Tarrant
1 Isaac Norris 16 Mrs J E Judge Confectioner 195 Miss Eliza Harding Dining Rooms 179 Harry Jesse Christian 181 James Buckle
Knights Hill Road 18 McCann and Son bootmakers 197 Alfred Thewless Greengrocer 181 James Buckle Recreation Ground
Joseph Petty plumber 20 Mrs Edith Watson Milliner 199 Richard Stanford Tobaccionist 203 James Noble Florist and Seedman 209 Mrs Barry
George Sparks The Rosemary Branch 20 Frank Watson 201 Richard D Ottewell Carman 207 thomas Martin Bathany 211 William Mitchell
24 Williams and Co Drapers Crown Hill 209 Bruce Penny 213 John Parker
26 Frederick Sweet Butcher West Side 211 Frederick John Blabey 215 George Allen
28 Mrs E Croydon Milliner 2 Albert Yeatman and Sons Monumental Masons and Undertakers 213 Charles Aldous 217 Charles Bell
30 John Russell 4 Henry Anstey Nurseryman and Florist 217 George Wilfred Lowrie Townesend 219 Alfred John Smith
30 Miss E Russell Tobaccionist 6 Alfred Leaver and Son Builders 221 Mrs Roberts 221 Francis Leonard Poole Architect
40 Misses Jessie and Jane Holford The Horns Tavern 8 Henry Bromley Auctioneer 223 Henry G Wright Bootmaker 223 Joseph Howes China Dealer
Jews Hospital and Orphan Asylum 8 Cornelius Henry Ollard 225 Mrs Jane Gilby Laundry 225 John William Willsmore
Cab Stand 10 S Fudge  Toy Dealer 227 E. J Chisnall Hairdresser 227 William Jansen Hairdrresser
54 R. W Heyward Ironmonger Press Buildings 229 Mrs Millie Elmes Confectioner 229 M L Tucker Confectioenr
56 Drand Co Chemists Truslove and Bray Printers Norwood Press 231 Henson and Co Chemists 231 Joseph Henry Williams Chemist
58 James William Reikie Baker Knights Hill Road 233 Samuel H Arnold Dining Room 233 Albert E Arm grocer
60 Jospeh Hunt Dairyman 12 Post Office Sorting Office 237 Thomas Gillard Kemp Tobacconist 235 Edward Payne
64 Percy William Agate Grocer and Provisions Merchant 14 A B Robinson Librarian Norwood Public Library East Side 237 Francis Horan Watch Maker
Wolfington Road 16 Alfred James Soar Picture Frame Maker 2 Albert Yeatman and Sons Monumental Masons 239 George Frederick Brooks
68 Daniel Crittal Butcher 18 McCann and Son Bootmaster 4 Henry Anstey Nurseryman and Florist Crown Hill
St Julians Farm Road 20 Miss E Webb Milliner 6 and 8 thomas Mayle and Sons Fruiterers and Fishmongers West Side
90 John B Harris Physician at Knights Hill Lodge 22 Clement Halstead Stationer 10 Brigss and George Confectioners 2 Albert Yeatman and Sons Monumenal Masons
Thornlaw Road 24 Alfred Watkins Outfitter Nettlefold Place 4 Henry Anstey Nurseryman
108 J A Austin Physician and Surgeon 26 Percy W Agate Baker Truslove and Bray Limited Proprietors Press Buildings Norwood Press 6 A Mayle Fruiterer
148 Thomas Slater Lyndhurst 28 Sydney Yorke Knights Hill 8 The Mac Fisheries Fishmongers
150 Albert Fletcher 28 Mrs Alice Yorke Milliner 12 Post Office Sorting Office 10 briggs and George Fancy Goods
152 Dr Robert Sloman 30 John Phillips Tobaccionist 14  S B Hall Librarian Norwood Public Library Nettlefold Place
154 Miss Morris Portobello House 30 James Barfoot Sanitary Inspector 9 to 10 a.m. 16 Alfred James Soar Picture Frame Maker and Artists’ Colourman Press Buildings Truelove and Bray Limited Printers Norwood Press
156 Thomas Tebbutt 32 John Russell China Dealer 18 McCann and Son Bootmakers Knights Hill
160 Carl Hentschel Photo Engraver 34 A A I Stickland and Hart Auctioneers 20 Alfed Newman Watchman 12 Post Office Sorting Office
162 Captain William Henry Petley  R N Bellvue 40 Robert John Marzetti The Horns Tavern 22 Alfred W Rigby Confectioner 14 S B Hall Librarian Norwood Public Library
164 Miss Hughes Claremont 40 Abraham Raphael head master Jew Hosptial and Orphan Asylum 24 Alfred Watkins Outfitter 16 Alfrd james Soar fine Art Dealer
184 Franklen-Evans Franklen Paine Physicians 44 Thomas I Caton Auctioneer and Estate Agent Nettlefold Place 18 John L R McCann Bootmaker
186 H Willcox Builder 48 Willliam John  Harrington Tobacconist 26 Norwood Bread Co Ltd bakers 20 Alfred Newman Watchman
188 Roast and Co fancy toys and drapers 54 R W Heyward Ironmonger 28 Miss H Marshall Ladies and Children’s Outfitter 22 Alexander Pike Grocer
190 C S Harriss Baker 56 Sidney W Dawson Chemist 30 Samuel John Thomas Health Food Stores 24 Frederick Chidsey Hosier
192 E M Smith Butcher 58 James William Reikie Baker 32 Alexander Pike Grocer Nettlefold Place
194 J Macefield Stationer; Post Office 60 London and Provincial Dairy Limited 34 H J Bromley and Co Auctioneers and Estate Agents 26 George Henry Buck Baker
196 Samuel Newcombe Greengrocer 62 Miss Watkins Fancy Depository 34 Walter Ernest Britten Collector to the Metropolitan Water Board Thurs 1 – 3.3- p.m. 28 Mrs Blanche Barrett Ladies Outfitter
Dibden Cottages 64 Ernest C Agate Grocer 40 James Pilgrim the Horns Tavern 30 Hassell and Lambert Confectioners
198 James Springall China Warehouse 64 National Telephone Company Limited (public call office) 44 and 48 William Barrett Enfranchiser? 32 Miss Ada Barkworth Tobacconist
200 Charles Frederick Theaite Dairy Wolfington Road 46 Monague F Long Auctioneer and Estate Agent 34 W I Atkinson Auctioneer
202 W. Foster, manager The Crown Hill Tea and Coffee Room;  66 Daniel Critall Butcher 48  and 44 William Berrett Tobacconist 34 West Norwood Conservative Club Limited
86 Madame Rose Milliner 50 George Dorrell Greengrocer 40 David Levy the Horn Tavern
St Julians’ Farm Road 52 William Tallon Tailor  Kaye Myer Head Master Jews Hospital and Oprhan Asylum
90 Samuel Welch Surgeon at Knights Hill Lodge 54 Lawson and Co Ironmongers 44 Mrs E Williams Enfranchiser
92 Thomas Scott Builder 56 Sidney W Dawson Chemist 46 Montague F Long Estate Agent
Knights Hill Road 58 James William Reikie Baker 48 Mrs Ransom Tobacconist
94 A W Filer and Co Upholsterers 60 Wraight, Dumbrill and Co Limited Dairy 50 B Jacobs Fruiterer
West Norwood Mansions 62 Miss Watkins Fancy Depository 52 William Tallon Tailor
98b John Whiteman 64 Ernest C Agate Grocer 54 Lawson and Co Ironmongers
96b Allan F Beach Wolfington Road 56 Frederic Neal Chemist
98c Charles Frederick Hutchinson 66b James Jones Bootmaker 58 James William Reikie Baker
96c Charles A de la Chaumette 66a William Oak Tobacconist 60 Curtis Brothers and Dumbrill Limited Cowkeepers and Dairymen
Knights Hill Road 68 John Lamont Hairdresser 62 Miss Watkins Fancy Drapers
98 Ernest Henry Gosling Grocer 70 James Edward Bromley Butcher 64 Hockey and Britnacombe Grocers
100 Mrs Jane Wint Art Needlework Depot 74 Knights Hill Laundry Co Wolfington Road
100a Mrs Jane Wint Newsagent West Norwood Picture Palace 66a and 66b Henry Green Newsagent
West Norwood Mansions 84 George Hart Bootmaker 66 Williman and Turner Bankers
100b Henry Hewett 88 Ernest Clarke House Furnisher 68 West Norwood Music Store
100c Robert Callaghan St Julian’s Farm Road 70 Edward James Bromley Butcher
Knights Hill Road 90 Samuel Welch Physician and Surgeon Knights Hill Lodge 74  W Pascoe Knights Hill Laundry
 Knights Hill Lodge 90 Horace Rexford Welch Physician and Surgeon 74 West Norwood Picture House
106 Adams And Bugg Physicians and Surgeons 92 Cecil Ayling 86 and 88 E. Clarke and Son House Furnishers
106 Gorge Lewis Rugg Physician and Surgeon 94 b George Frederick Shears St Julians Farm Road
94 Harry Charles Bridge Bootmaker 90 Samuel Welch Physician and Surgeon
96 Joseph Stickland Enfranchiser? 92 A Cecil Ayling Dental Surgeon
96 Telephone Call Office 94 Harry Charles Bridges Bootmaker
96b Hans Caspar Doering 94b William Wood
96c Charles Henry Brocken 94c William Henry Hoile
98c Edward White 96 S J Burch China Dealer
98 Harry Parkings grocer 96a Stewart James Burch
100 Henry Chuter Marshall newsagent 96b H C Bridges
103b Mrs Hewitt 96c William George Danter
Thornlaw Road 98 Harry Parkins Grocer
106 Williasm Barclay Humphrys Surveyor 98b Ernest Johnson
108 William Reginal Casenove Physician and Surgeon 98c Mrs Penwarden
108 Norwood Golf Club Grounds 100 Percy W Davey Confectioner
130 Athur Simmons Allen 100a Albert Snelling
132 Henry Merry 100b Edward James Bailey
134 Ernest Walter Britten 100c Arthur W Congdon
136 Albert H Pilcher Thornlaw Road
138 Francis Harvey Murphy 106 and 108 D Newberry Matron West Norwood Maternity Home
140 Thomas Kerr Murray Inverallen Norwood Golf Club (grounds)
142 Reverend William Stewart  Mathews Chaplain to the South Metropolitan Cemetary West Norwood 132 Mrs Merry
144 William Griffin 134 Mrs Wilkie
146 Hinchman Hammond St Moritz 136 Albert H Pilcher
148 Mrs Parkhouse 138 thomas S Chambers
150 George Philip Reveirs 140 Frederick Geroge Bigor
152 Mrs Fielder Hill View 142 Reverend William Stewart Matthews
154 Edward Godfrey 144 Mrs A S Griffin
156 William Walters Sympson 146 William Edwin Rilstone
158 Miss Fitzgerald 148 Mrs Parkhouse
160 George Talbot Cox 150 George Philip Reveira
162 George Bagster 152 Mrs Fielder
164 George Albert Privett 152 Theodore J G Fielder Dental Surgeon
166 Hubert James Allen 154 Constant Vuccino
168 Frederick Owen Grape 156 Charles Joeph Brabner
Wall Letter Box 158 Joeph Eilers
210 Mrs Harper Milburn House 160 George Talbot Cox
212 John Black Dental Surgeon Ivy Bank 162 George Bagster
214  Mrs Ridings 164 Mrs Privett
226 Mrs L Woodcock Portobella House 166 Ernest Stanley Britten
228  J N Cowper Architect 168 Walter Bloxhain
230 Albert Clarke 210 Mrs Harper
232 Carl Henschel Lts Process Engraver 212 John Black Dental Surgeon
258 Edward Smallwood Physician 214 Mrs Ridings
260 H Willcox Builder 228 J N Comper Architect
262 Henry Richardson Draper 232 John Bulford Engineer
266 E. M. Smith Butcher 234 Thomas E Tallboy
268 Frederick Hedger Stationer and Post Office 234 Mrs Elza Ellen Midwife
270 James Price Grocer 236 Arthur Amner
Dibden’s Cottages 238 William Bristow
Crown Boot Company Bootmakers 240 Mrs Hayton
274 A and W Rose Builders 242 William Hayes
276 Phillip Brakespeare 244 William Charles T Yates
276 Telephone Call Office  246 Bertram A Bingham
Fire Alarm 248 James John Hyde
248a Arthur Frederick Naylor
250 William Woodland
252 Geroge Broughton Love
254 Benjamin Griffin
256 Robert Henry Hawkins
258 Edward Smallwood Physician
260 H Wilcox Builder
262 Henry Richardson Draper
264 James Coppin Greengrocer
266 Roland H Morgan Butcher
268 Frederick Hedger Stationer; Post Office and Telegraph Office
270 Albert E Arm Off Licence
Dibden’s Cottages
272 Henry George Wright Bootmaker
274 A and W Rose Builders
276 Curtis Brothers and Dumbrill Limited Cownkeepers and Dairyman




The Story of Norwood J. B Wilson (Reflecting Knight’s Hill in circa 1949)

From the Top of Knight’s Hill

On the corner of Crown Dale was the original Norwood post office.  When the inhabitants of Norwood petitioned for a Post Office it was placed at this extremity of the district.  This may be because it was thought only the wealthy residents of Beulah Hill would be capable of writing letters.  The first postmaster was Mr John Gardiner.  Stamps were sold through a small window like a railway booking office window to people standing outside.

Next to the Post Office was a small piece of ground where a tiny shop was built by Mr Jack Blunden who sold winkles there.

The next shops were called Clifford Place.

On the other side of the road at the corner of Crown Lane stood a shop kept by Mr Rose, the builder.  He brought his bride there on horseback, sitting pillion in front of her husband.

The next shop was a grocer’s, Mr Pretty.

Then some small cottages called Dibdin’s Cottages named after a well-known family called Dibdin.  Miss Emily Dibdin died at 307 Beulah Hill in 1938 aged 83 and was great-grand daughter  of Charles Dibdin 18th century actor, musician, poet and playwright.  Her father was Reverend William Dibdin and her brother Sir Robert was a President of the Law Society.  Charles was founder of the Civil Service Lifeboat Institute.  Sir Lewis Dibdin was Dean of Arches and Vice-General of Canterbury.  Edward R Dibdin was Curator of the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool.

Norwood Cottage was the residence of Mr Wilcox, the builder, whose mother kept a toy shop next door.  After he died the house was converted into a petrol station.

Next door was The Bays and this was the home of doctors, beginning with Dr Sharp who shared the medical practice of Norwood with Dr Chapman of Norwood Road.  The last doctor living there was Dr. Smallwood.

Beside this house was a piece of waste ground where a small housing estate was built.

Then came 3 houses.  The first was incorporated into Carl Hentschel’s photo-engraving works which then moved to Wolfington Road.    Carl was the original “Harris’ in Jerome K. Jerome’s famous story ‘Three Men in a Boat.’  In the next house stained glass windows were made.  The next house was called Portobello0 with a semi-circular drive in front of it.  Mr Quilter who lived at Portobello had a bitter argument with his neighbour opposite, Mr Thomas Maudslay, a brother of Mr Joseph Maudslay of Crown Lane and a partner in the same engineering works.  Mr Quilter erected a building which was the exact replica of the entrance to Mr Maudslay’s engineering works facing Mr Maudslay’s private residence so that every morning Mr Maudslay saw his works staring him in the face.  Mr Maudslay planted a row of evergreen trees in front of his house to hide the ugly building from his view.  Mr Maudslay’s house was called ‘Knight’s Hill House’ and it stood where the Knight’s Hill playing field stood in 1949.  The two men made up their quarrel and Mr Quilter offered to pull the building down but Mr Maudsley said no.    Portobellow was pulled down in 1949 and an extensive housing estate was built.

Next to Portobello were two semi-detached houses – Ivy Villas and the house which was converted into Lambeth Maternity Home with 4 wards and 22 beds.

Fields of the St John’s Lodge estate extended from here to Wolfington Road.  St John’s Lodge estate was once occupied by an Indian family named Colvin.

Opposite Maudsley’s house stood a large house called Burton Dassett once occupied by Mr Jules Levy a famous cornet soloist.  Dassett Road is named after it.  At the corner of Darlington Road once called Durham Road stood a newish house called Silverdale.  A local story tells that this house was put up for auction and a local builder only offered £65 as a first bid.

On a piece of ground between Darlington and Chapel Roads known as “Staples Rough” was built a row of houses of mixed architecture and the Knight’s Hill Wesleyan Church.  The Reverend William Lavers conducted services as early as 1828 but it wasn’t until 1853 that the Knight’s Hill Church was opened by Reverend Dr Bunting for services.  Additions to the chapel were made.  In 1866, the Chapel gallery was erected.  In 1894 the large vestry adjoining the chapel and three classrooms were added.

On the corner of Chapel Road and Knight’s Hill stood the Norwood Technical Institute.  Originally called the Lower Norwood Working Men’s Institute it was presented by Mr Arthur Anderson.  He also gave the houses next to it on Knight’s Hill called Stone Villas.

Where Rothschild Street is where the Huguenot’s Almshouses were built in Tudor style.  There were three large blocks in the shape of the letter “U”.  The main block facing Knight’s Hill had a small turret and the two side blocks had quaint little staircases half outside the building and half inside.    Originally erected by the Society for Aiding Indigent Foreigners but failing to carry out its beneficent intention the property was sold to Mr Spartali a Greek merchant under whose ownership the tenements remained empty for 15 years.    The property was put up for letting and was then knocked down.

At the corner of Rothschild Street stood the Primitive Methodist Chapel.

In the dip of Knight’s Hill were several old cottages and shops, some of which remain.  The old “Rosemary Branch” was quite different from the present public house, being a two-storied building, at the back of which were tea and pleasure gardens.

Next to it where is now the bus garage stood a similar little shop belonging to Mr Petty.

The house of Mr Boorer, the decorator, at the corner of Ernest Street is another of these original old cottages.

Where Ernest Street now meets Knight’s Hill stood a grocer’s shop, a low-pitched double-fronted place once kept by Mr John Thorn who was clerk and sexton at St Luke’s Church.

The more modern premises of Mr Heard’s Dairy stand between Mr Boorer’s house and another of these old cottages which for many years was the West Norwood police station.  The two policemen in the days of Lower Norwood Mr Harding and Mr Marsh who did 12 hour shifts, one from noon to midnight and the other from midnight to noon the next day.  This police station was then closed.

There were three old fashioned shops below the police station towards Knight’s Hill Square.  This little turning once called Soapsuds Square contained a pretty little colony of very old one-storied cottages, some of brick and others whitewashed.    They were some of the oldest property in Norwood.  Most of the property in the square was destroyed by the flying bomb in 1944.

Opposite Wolfington Road behind the shops stood a Public Hall opened in 1886 by the Lord Mayor of London, the centre of entertainment in Norwood.  One entered the Public Hall from Knight’s Hill and walked down a long carpeted slope with palms on either side into the Hall itself.  There were concerts and amateur dramatic performances.   A long line of carriages would drawn up outside the Public Hall.    There was Upper Norwood Amateur Dramatic Society, the Old Lancastrians and the Ellesmere Dramatic Club.  There was the Norwood Choral and Orchestral Society.  The Public Hall was also the scene of lively meetings at election times.  The Public Hall closed after the First World War.

The West Norwood Railway Station was built in 1858 for the West End and Crystal Palace Railway.  When the station was first built there was a signal box high on a level above Knight’s Hill by the side of the station nearest to Cotswold Street.    This was later replaced by a signal box on the platform and later replaced in 1928 by a signal box at West Norwood junction.    The early trains were quaint old four-wheeled coaches with oil lamps on the roofs.  Pretty little Stroudley tank engines in light brown livery and tall copper-topped chimneys pulled the trains.    They were named after the stations on the line – Crystal Palace, Anerley, Norwood but these were discontinued as passengers mistook the names of the engines for the destination of the trains.

The Brotherhood Institute was once a house occupied by a Dr. Austin.  Then after the First World War it became the Lambeth Borough Maternity Home before it moved premises higher up the hill.  The West Norwood Brotherhood began at the Congregational Chapel in Chapel Road but needed more accommodation for its Sunday School so they purchased the premises on Knight’s Hill and built a splendid hall on the side of it.    This hall opened in 1928.  Every year the Brotherhood Pantomine was performed and had a fine orchestra.  There was also the West Norwood Sisterhood.  Both performed a great deal of charitable work.

The Royal Cinema opened in 1909 to 10 and was the first “Picture Palace” in Norwood.

Between Wolfington Road and the railway the only house in Wolfington House School kept by Mr and Mrs Compton.  They afterwards moved to school to Lancaster Road where it became Lancaster College.

By the side of the railways stood the Jew’s Hospital and Orphanage.  It was one of the oldest charitable institutions of Jews in England.  In 1861 Mr Barnet Meyers who owned property in Norwood presented the hospital with nine and a half acres of freehold land on Knight’s Hill.  The foundation stone was laid by Sir Anthony Rothschild on June 6th, 1861.    The building was designed by Mr Tillot.  The buildings included a small synagogue and school workshops .  the Arnold and Jane Gabriel Homes were added to the main building.  During the Second World War the building was evacuated and used as a training college by the National Fire Service.

Where the railway line is now stood the Horns Tavern.  This was the oldest public house in Norwood and is marked on Rocque’s map of 1746 and on all succeeding maps.  The original building was pulled down when the railway came but a new building was erected at the side of the railway which was pulled down in 1937 to make way for larger public house.

Between the Horns and the bottom of Knight’s Hill stood an old house lying back with well wooded gardens called Elm Cottage.  It was originally the parsonage.  Mr Nettlefold of Streatham bought the site and presented sufficient of it to Lambeth for the erection of the Public Library which was opened in 1888 at a total cost of £4,500.  The name Nettlefold Place commemorates this gift of land.  The Library was enlarged in 1936.  Next to the Library if West Norwood Sorting Office.









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