Turner – 4 Hadlow Place

Living at 4 Hadlow Place from at least 1871, was Charles Turner  (Bn 1835 Broxted Essex D1897) Wife (Elizabeth Bn 1843 Takeley, Essex D1923).

In 1891, he was living with his wife, Elizabeth, their occupation with Laundry and daughters, Florence (Bn 1877 Upper Norwood) and Minnie (Bn 1880 Upper Norwood).

In 1891, their son Charles, aged 24, had joined the Army and was stationed in Aldershot.

In 1901, Widow, Elizabeth (aged 63) ‘living on own means’ at No 4 Hadlow Place, with daughter, Irene (aged 21) (Bn 1880 Norwood D1967 aged 85).

In 1911, Elizabeth was still resident at Hadlow Place, but at No 5 (5 rooms) with her daughter Florence (Widow) and Granddaughter.  She had been married for 45 years and had five children.

Elizabeth lived in Hadlow Place for at least 40, possibly 50 years.