Taylor, John Skardon (1803 to 1863)

Lived in Palace Square in 1861

John Skardon Taylor (Bn 1803 D 28 January 1863 aged 59) resided in Palace Square with his wife Grace, during the 1861 Census.  He was a Solicitor for Guy’s Hospital and also of the Camberwell House Asylum (where he died).

Camberwell House Asylum opened in January 1846 in a row of three elegant Georgian houses on the north side of Peckham Road, accommodating 150 pauper and twelve private patients.  By 1878 it was the second largest Asylum in London, licensed to accommodate 362 patients.  The Asylum consisted of three substantial houses built in 1790 and 20 acres of parkland.  In 1919 it dropped the term Asylum to become Camberwell House.  During WW2 a high explosive bomb fell in the grounds.

The hospital did not join the NHS in 1948 and remained a private hospital until its closure in 1955.