Steiner, Leslie Howard (1893 to 1943)

Lived at 45 Farquhar Road

Leslie Howard Steinger was an English actor and film maker.  He also wrote many stories and articles for ‘The New York Times’, ‘The New Yorker’ and ‘Vanity Fair’ and was one of the biggest box-office draws and movie idols of the 1930s..

He is probably best remembered for playing Ashley Wilkes in ‘Gone with the Wind’ in 1939.  He had roles in many other notable films, often playing the quintessential Englishman.  These included ‘Berkeley Square’ in 1933, ‘Of Human Bondage’ in 1934, ‘The Scarlet Pimpernel’ in 1934, ‘The Petrified’ Forest’ in 1936, ‘Pygmalion’ in 1938, ‘Intermezzo’ in 1939, “Pimpernel” Smith in 1941, and ‘The First of the Few’ in 1942.  He was nominated for the ‘Academy Award for Best Actor’ for Berkeley Square and Pygmalion.

His involvement in World War 2 included acting and filmmaking.  He was active in anti-German propaganda and shoring up support for the Allies – two years after his death the British Film Yearbook described Howard’s work as “one of the most valuable facets of British propaganda’.  He was rumoured to have been involved with British or Allied intelligence, sparking conspiracy theories regarding his death in 1943 when the Luftwaffe shot down BOAC Flight 777 over the Atlantic (off the coast of Cedeira, at Coruna) on which he was a passenger.

45 Farquhar Road