Smith, Edwin Dalton (1800 to 1883)

Lived at 23 Palace Square in 1881 

On the 1881 Census, resident at No 23 Palace Square, was Edwin Daltron Smith (Bn 1800 Chelsea D1883) (Widower).  He was a Miniature Painter, Portrait Painter, Artist, Engraver, Botanical Illustrator and Photographer.  His daughter, Edwina (Bn 1843 Chelsea D1917) (a Teacher of Drawing), aged 38, resided with him.  His father was the engraver/painter, Anker Smith (Bn 1759 D1819).  Fine botanical illustrated plates were drawn by Edwin Dalton Smith and he was associated with the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

Most of his works were exhibited between 1816 -1847 at the Royal Academy and the Suffolk Street Galleries.  He worked on Robert Sweet’s (Bn 1783 D 1835) ‘Flower Garden’.  Robert Sweet was an English Botanist, Horticulturist and Ornithologist. . He also produced illustrations for Benjamin Maund’s ‘Botanic Garden’.

His portraits are still popular at auctions and some of his paintings are displayed at the National Portrait Gallery.