Sir Sidney Saunders (1809 to 1884)

Lived at Gatestone House, Central Hill in 1881

He was appointed Consul in Albania in 1835.  He received the diploma of the Order of St Saviour, signed by King Otto (first modern king of Greece) in 1839.  He was appointed Consul in Alexandria in 1859 and Consul-General in the Ionian Islands in 1864.  Queen Victoria appointed him Companion of the Michael & George in 1860.

John Stuart Mill met Sidney Saunders on board ship in 1855 and described him in a letter to his wife as “the consul at Prevesa, a remarkable man, like two or three we have had in India, who by sheet moral influence has made himself almost king of this part of Albania, so that pashas beg for and value beyond most things, letters of recommendation to him” (4 June 1855)


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