Sir Hugh Henry Gough VC (1833 to 1909)

Lived at Sunny Side Central Hill in 1881 (not there on the night of the census but his wife Annie aged 42, his daughters Charlotte 16, May 15, Annie 8, Nora 7 and sons Frederick 13, William 3 and George were present)

He was born into an Anglo-Irish aristocratic family in Calcutta, Bengal, India.  He was a senior British Indian Army officer and recipient of the Victoria Cross.  He was 23 years old and lieutenant in the 1st Bengal European Light Cavalry (later 19th Hussars) during the Indian Mutiny where he achieved acts of bravery in November, 1857 and February, 1858. He achieve rank of general and was appointed Keeper of the Jewel House at the Tower of London and Lieutenant-Governor of the Channel Islands.

He was the son of Judge George Gough and Charlotte Margaret Becher. He was uncle of the senior First World War commanders General Sir Hubert Gough and Brigadier General Sir John Gough.    He was grandnephew of Field Marshal the 1st Viscount Gough.  He had a daughter Charlotte Elise Gough who had three children.