Sabry – 5 Hadlow Place

William Sebry (Bn 1809 D1892) a Model Maker, married Dinah in 1842 in Bristol (Born at Sea in 1802/3 D1891, aged 89).  He was a Widower and she a Widow.  His occupation was a Cordwainer (a shoe maker who makes shoes from new leather) as was his father.  Her father was an Accountant.  He is in the Trades Directory for 1841.

In 1861, they were living in cottages in Chapel Road, West Norwood, his occupation, a Boot Maker.  Diana’s place of birth is stated as Greece.

In 1871, his occupation is still a Boot Maker, and they are living in Anerley Vale.  Diana’s  place of birth is stated as Athens.

In 1881, they are living at 5 Hadlow Place, his occupation stated as a Model Maker.  Diana died on 21 June 1891, at 4 Hadlow Place, aged 89.