Rogers, Captain Lieutenant Daniel Alexander (1821 to 1881)

Lived at 7 Palace Square in 1881

Captain Lieutenant Daniel Alexander Rogers (Bn 1821 Colchester D1881 aged 60) of 7th Regt Madras Native Infantry, H.E.I.C.S, son of the Rev T R Rogers M.A.Cambs.  He married Emily James (Bn 1831 Middlesex, London D1902) on 1 September 1849 in France, with the Consent of her mother, as she was a minor.   She was the daughter of Edward James Esq, of Jamaica and Cheltenham.  They had six children.

Reported in the ‘Homeward Mail from India, China and the East’ publication on Tuesday, 30 June 1857, under ‘Home Miscellanea’, it reads:-

The Queen held a Levee, in St James’s Palace, on Thursday afternoon, June 18.  The reception was more fully attended than any former Court at St James’s, since her Majesty’s accession, with the exception of the first Levee held by the Queen on coming to the Throne.

Her Majesty commenced the reception of the Court at two o’clock, and the gentlemen continued passing uninterruptedly for the space of two hours and three-quarters.  The following, among the many presentations, took place:-

Captain D.A Rogers, 7th Madras, N.I., by the Chairman of the East India Company.

He retired from service in 1858 and died on 25 March 1881 at 7 Palace Square of acute congestion of the lungs.

It was reported in the newspaper on 5 April 1881:

DIED On the 25th ult., at 7 Palace Square, Upper Norwood, aged 60, Captain D A Rogers, late of the 7th Regt Madras Infantry H.E.I.C.S., son of the late Rev T R Rogers M.A.Cambs.