McMullin, Robert Lewis Forbes (1840-1919)

Robert McMullen lived at number 7 Howden Road from 1901 until his death in 1919, after which time his widow remained there until sometime in the late 1920s. He was born in Chunar, in January 1840.  His parents were John and Julia McMullin.  Julia, nee Van Sandau was of Dutch extraction.

Robert served there either as a fusilier or in the civilian police, depending upon which census is taken as accurate.  He married Edith Watson, daughter of the then Vicar of All Saints Church Upper Norwood, in All Saints Church, in February 1880.  They then returned to India where they had five children: Robert James 1881, Henry Alexander 1882, Edith Alice 1883, Dorothy Helen 1891 and Charles Roosmale 1894.   When he retired they moved back to Norwood at which time his parents were living in Croydon.