Rear Admiral George Palmer (1829 to 1917

Lived at 79 Central Hill in 1901 aged 71 with his wife Ellen aged 70

His naval career extended over many years.  He entered the Royal Navy in 1845 and retired in 1873.  He served in the West Indies, the Pacific, the Mediterranean and the Stations.  His last posting was as commander of H.M. Rosario on the Australian Station and was promoted to the post of Captain in 1870 for his services in connection with the suppression of the traffic and received thanks from the Australian Parliament.  He also served in the Crimean War and was severely wounded in Petropaulovski for which he received a pension for his wounds. See details of his naval career below

Naval Career of Rear Admiral George Palmer

Date Rank
1845 Entered Navy
3 May 1853 Lieutenant
24 June 1862 Commander
4 April 1870 Captain
1 October 1873 Retired Captain


Date from Date to Service
6 August 1853   Lieutenant in President, commanded by Richard Burridge, flagship of Rear-Admiral David Price, Pacific, including the attack by the Anglo-French squadron on Petropaulovski on 4 September 1854 during the Russian war, in which he was severely injured


9 November 1854   Lieutenant in Amphitrite, commanded by Richard Burridge, Pacific


17 September 1855 12 May 1858 Lieutenant in Monarch (until paying off at Sheerness), commanded by George Edwin Patey, flagship of Rear-Admiral Henry William Bruce, Pacific


22 September 1858 24 January 1859 Lieutenant in Edinburgh, commanded by Edward John Carpenter, Coast Guard, Leith


24 January 1859   Lieutenant in Edinburgh, commanded by Edwin Claton Tennyson D’Eyncourt, Coast Guard, Leith


12 July 1861   Lieutenant Commander in Procris, Gibraltar


19 January 1865    Coast Guard, Inspecting officer, Ramsgate


4 October 1867 8 April 1870 Commander in Rosario, Australia


He was a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and author of several books ‘Kidnapping in the South Seas’ and the ‘The Migration from Shinar’.  He was very musical and composed sacred songs.  He was also a talented artist of water-colour sketches.  He was deeply interested in all Evangelical work and in many Missions and Societies which he assisted in various ways.  He lived in Bexhill on Sea for ten years and married Ellen Douglas, daughter of Mr James Douglas of Cavers.


(Death of Rear Admiral George Palmer, 1917)

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