Percy Weston TURLEY (187 – 1934)

10 Harold Road

Percy Weston TURLEY (born 14 May 1874, Battle, Sussex –  died 23 February 1934 Upper Norwood)

Percy W was born in Battle, Sussex to John Turley (a farmer) and Sarah A Turley.

Percy W had been employed by Messrs. F J Smith in a florists shop in St. Leonards-on-Sea.

Married to Louisa Gibbs 0n 24.9.1890. Louisa is shown as the daughter of Leonard Gibbs “Gentleman”[i]

In1891 census, Percy is living at 37 Crowhurst Pk Houses, Crowhurst, described as a “houseboy”.

In 1896 he moved to Upper Norwood, and was employed by Mr Chittle, who had a florists shop at 41 Westow Street, and a fishmongers business on the other side of the road. Eight years later Percy set up his own business in Central Hill, and later in Belvedere Road (occupying part of the site of what became News Buildings), In 1912 he took over the shop in Westow Street, where he originally served under Mr Chittle. Later a second shop was opened in Church Road.

In 1905, at the Croydon County Court, “ The case of James Chittell v William Turley was heard. Plaintiff, a greengrocer, of 41 Westow Street, Upper Norwood, claimed £2 damages for leaving employment without proper notice”[ii] What was connexion between Percy Weston Turley and William Turley? Brother?

After the 1st World War, he looked after the decorations at the Upper Norwood War memorial. He became a Special Constable during the Railway Strike before the First World War, and was regularly on duty during that war, retiring as a Special Constable in 1930[iii].

In 1906 Percy was involved in an incident when “a pony and light cart, being driven out of Central Hill into Highfield Road, collided with a horse attached to a van belonging to Percy Turley of 61a Central Hill, and the result was that a shaft of the cart struck Mr Turley’s horse on the near shoulder, causing such injury that the animal died within a few minutes”[iv]

In 1911 Percy and Louisa are living at 6 Belvedere Road Upper Norwood, with two sons, Percy Henry (11) and Stanley John (5) = and also a nephew Albert William Turley (12).

In 1913 Percy has the shop at 41 Westow Street[v]. In 1921 the shop was still operating as P W Turley[vi]

In 1923 the shop in Westow Street is operating as P W Turley and Son[vii]

In 1926 there is a shop at 54 Church Road, Fruiterers, Florists and Greengrocers, operating as Turley Bros.-“Australian Apples Absolutely FREE from Arsenic”[viii]

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