Leaper – 5 Hadlow Place

Ephraim Leaper (Bn 1826 Coggeshall, Essex D1912 46 Palace Road) married Henrietta (Bn 1833 Essex D1901 ) in 1851.

Aged 13, on the 1841 Census, his occupation is Wheelwright, the same as his 40 year old father, also named Ephraim, in Great Coggeshall, Essex.  In 1854, he was a Wheelwright for the Royal Arsenal and by 1878 he was trading as a Wheelwright in High Street, Lower Norwood.

By 1871, they are living at 4 Linton Grove, West Norwood, with their daughter Mary Ann (aged 17) (Bn 23 November 1853 D1933) and son William (aged 15) (Bn 1856 D1922).  William married Emma Jane at St Lukes, West Norwood in 1879.  He also became a Wheelwright, at 135 High Street, West Norwood by 1881, later living at 50 Palace Road, Upper Norwood by 1901 to at least 1911.  In August 1900, when William was residing at a house in Palace Square, the house was struck by lightning, but luckily only resulted in the displacement of a few bricks in the chimney stack.

On the 1881 Census, Ephraim and Henrietta have moved to 5 Hadlow Place, where daughters Mary Ann is a Dressmaker and Henrietta, is aged 8.  Ephraim is a Wheelwright.

Daughter Henrietta (Bn 1872 D1907 aged 35) married Charley Spooner (Bn 1872 D1897 aged 25) at All Saints, Upper Norwood on 20 April 1895.  He was a Compositor (arranges letters, words, sentences, etc, before going to print) and had been living at 1 Stoney Buildings, Church Road, Upper Norwood.  She was living at 5 Hadlow Place.

Henrietta remarried after the death of Charley, in 1900 to Herbert John Flood, a Grocer, later working at the Army & Navy Stores (Bn 1879 Norfolk D1959).  After Henrietta’s death in 1907, he remarried, to Edith Russell (Bn 1885) in June 1909 at Christ Church, Gipsy Hill. She had been living at No 1 Hadlow Place (1909).  In 1911, they were living at 14 Berridge Road, with son Albert (aged 7) and daughters Henrietta (aged 4) (Bn 1907) and Edith (aged 1).  In 1936, Edith and Herbert lived at No 1 The Woodlands, Whiteley Road and he was a Flour Packer.

In 1911, Ephraim Leaper is living at 46 Palace Road (6 rooms), a Widower, aged 84, with his daughter Mary Ann (aged 57) a Dressmaker.  A Border there is Emma Poynting (aged 64) and Charles Richard Spooner (aged 15) (Bn 1895 D1965) Charley Spooner and Henrietta’s son.  He married Florence May Martin at All Saint’s Church, in 1923.