Horne, John (1839-1909)

John Horne’s family lived at number 14 Howden Road between 1889 and 1900.  John was born in Scotland, 1839, and was an acting Christian.  In 1873, when he was resident in Calcutta, India, he donated a guinea to the West Aberdeen Coal Fund.  The fund was established in 1801 ‘the object being to deliver free at the firesides of the most deserving of the poor of the city, during winter, one bag, and, in severe seasons, two bags of coal each’.

He married Charlotte Cassan at Fort William, Calcutta, West Bengal 22 January 1878, later that year John spoke at the Young Men’s Christian Association National Conference in Aberdeen in 1878.  Jane (Jeannie) had been born in India, 1844, and previously married, since deceased, Francis Morton.  They had two sons, Gerald Cassan and John Willoughby, both born in India.  Chowringhee is a district of Kolkata (Calcutta) in which their home in Fort William was based.  John was involved in trading with India and later the family, were located there and in London.  Whilst living in Howden Road they named their house Chowringhee after the area in Calcutta where they first met. John died in India in 1909, where he was buried.