Baker, Iris (1899 to 1997)

Lived at 6 Harold Road

Iris Baker – January 1997. By Bassano Ltd 6.10.1933 Copyright National Portrait Gallery

Iris Baker was born in Assam, India, on 23rd May 1899, the daughter of Edward and Ethel Stuart Baker. They moved to 6 Harold Road in 1920s.

Iris trained as an actress, appearing in a 1931 Arthur Schnitzier play “Reigen” at the Gate Theatre Studio in London, and in Rodney Ackland’s 1936 play “After October” at the Aldwych Theatre.

She later appeared in several BBC Sunday-Night Theatre TV programmes in the 1950s, A Midsummer Night’s Dream (1947), playing Helena; and in a 1962 episode of “The Big Pull”. In 1956 she appeared on television in a Dodie Smith play “Call It a Day”, which also starred Margaret Lockwood (and her daughter Julia Lockwood) and Adrienne Corri.

Radio Times December 1956 – Cast includes Iris Baker, Margaret Lockwood and Julia Lockwood Margaret Lockwood with her 15 year old daughter Julia

Margaret Lockwood was also of course another Upper Norwood resident at the time.

Iris Baker died in Surrey on 5 January 1997.