Holmes – 7 Hadlow Place

In 1901, at 7 Hadlow Place, lived William Holmes (Bn 1849 Huntingdon), a Plumber, and his wife Sarah (Bn 1853 Wiltshire) with their three daughters, Kate (Bn 1877 Huntingdon) a Dressmaker, Nellie (Bn 1889 Penge).  By 1911 (aged 22), Nellie’s occupation was a Shorthand Typist; and Mabel Edith (Bn 1893 Anerley).  Mabel married Leonard Paddle (Bn 1892 D1918 aged 27, 28 Samos Road, Anerley, buried in Norwood Cemetery) a Coal Merchant, in 1915 when she was 22 years old.

William and Sarah also had two sons, William Frederick (Bn 18 July 1895 Norwood) and Herbert Middleton (Bn 1 October 1899 Norwood).

In 1891, they were living at 97 Ridsdale Road, Anerley.  By 1911, the Holmes had moved to 87 Oakfield Road, Penge, after living at 1 Laurel Grove.

William Frederick Holmes (Bn 1895) served with the Royal Navy, Victory II – Service No SS115414.  He joined 12 February 1914 to 1921.  5ft 6” Dark hair.  Scar from appendicitis.  He had been a Clerk in Store.

HMS Victory II was the administrative and accommodation depot for Stokers and ERA’s, situated in HM Naval base Portsmouth before 1914 and after 1919 during the Great War situated at Crystal Palace London.

Herbert Middleton Holmes (Bn 1899).  He enlisted on 20 July 1915, joining the 4/4th Battalion Queens RWS Regiment. Pte 4086.

On his enlistment form his declared age was 19 years old and 9 months, 5ft 1½ ”, dark brown hair, but in fact his age was aged just 15 years and 9 months old.  His occupation was a Van Boy.

His father William wrote on 14 March 1916, to the Commanding Officer,

Sir, Would it be possible for my son, HM Holmes 4086, on account of his youth to come out of the army.  I myself have no objections to him being a soldier, but his mother is worrying and wishing him to be out until he is of military age, or old enough to know what he is doing.  He is not 16½ yet, he is the youngest of the family, his older and only brother having joined the service when the war started and is still in the service.

I remain yours,

William Holmes

Herbert was discharged on 31 March 1916 after serving 256 days.  Form stated Discharged in Consequence of – Being under 17 years of age at time of application for discharge by parents.  Kings Regulations 392 VI (a).

Character: Sober, Clean, Intelligent, Honest 56 and Fair