Newmarch, Elizabeth (1818-1897)

Elizabeth Newmarch (nee Whitwell), is shown as living at 5 Harold Road according to the 1891 Census, until she died . Born in York, she married William Newmarch in York on 14 September 1942. William Newmarch (born Thirsk, Yorkshire, 28 January 1920) was a successful banker and statistician. He became manager of Glyn Mills & Co in 1862 and  president of the Statistical Society in 1869, succeeding W E Gladstone. In 1871 William and Elizabeth are shown as living at Beech House, Battersea. A son, William Thomas Newmarch (1845-1881) joined Glyn, Mills, Currie and Co in 1874 as an assistant to the partners. Sadly, William Thomas suffered a serious accident in 1877 when he was struck by a tram pole. He never fully recovered, and died on 14 August 1881. The death of his son seriously affected William senior, and in 1880 wrote to George Grenfell Glyn, the senior partner at Glyn’s, giving notice that he wished to retire, confiding that his son’s affliction had ”overturned most of my expectations and plans”. He retired in the same year that his son died and was awarded a life pension from the bank of £1,500 p.a. William Newmarch died, aged 64, on 23 March 1882 in Torquay, following a second stroke.

Elizabeth Newmarch  is living at 5 Harold Road in 1891, where she remained until her death on 10 August 1897.


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