Bushell – 2 Hadlow Place

At 2 Hadlow Place in 1901 and 1911, lived Ernest (Bn 1852 Hampton D1903 aged 50) and Lucy Bushell (Bn Richmond, Surrey) (Bn 1855 Richmond, Surrey D1938) married 10 January 1875 (Hammersmith) when he was aged 22 and Lucy was aged 20.  His occupation was a Poulterer.  She signed the marriage certificate with an ‘X’.  His father had been a Civil Engineer/Builder, and her father, a Stone Sawyer.

Their first child was Maria Louise, Bn 1875 in Richmond.  She married Arthur Jones (a Bricklayer) and in 1901, were living at 16 Anerley Vale.  She died in 1905, aged 29.

Living with Ernest and Lucy in 1901 at2 Hadlow Place, were children:

Walter Thomas (Bn September 1879 Wallworth D1957). He became a Fishmonger and married Eliza in 1903.  In 1911 they lived in Camberwell with three young children (2 rooms).

Lucy (Bn 1888).

Florence (Follis) (Bn 1891)

Nellie (Bn 1899).  She was also living with her mother at 2 Hadlow Place in 1911.

Also in 1911, living in four rooms at 2 Hadlow Place, was Lucy (aged 57) a Charwoman (Widow), with her daughter Nellie (aged 12).  It is states on the Census that Nellie was born at that address.

In 1901, a border living at 2 Hadlow Place was Edward Rose, aged 24 (Bn 1877 Kent).  He was a Milk Carrier.