Bickford, Codrington Parr (1853-1916)

Lived at 10 Essex Grove

In 1867 he was nominated to become a naval cadet and passed his cadetship in December 1867. (Evening Mail, 11th December, 1867).  He was an acting sub lieutenant by 1876 (Morning Post, 7th February, 1876).

It was reported from the ‘Colonies and India’  newspaper on  23rd February, 1895 that Codrington P Bickford, Esquire Esperanza, Essex Grove, Upper Norwood, Surrey was a director of the Nandydroog Gold Mining Company and the “Big Blow” Gold Mines Limited.  These were part of the Kolar Gold Fields was a city in the south-east of Kolar District, Mysore State  in India.  The mining companies included Mysore, Champion Reef, Ooregum, and Nandydroog.  He also lived at 8 Vermont Road in 1901 and South Norwood Hill in 1911.