Arthur Sinclair Vernon Hume, Major (1865-1915)

Arthur Sinclair Vernon Hume (Bn 6 July 1865 India) on a 1901 Street Directory lived at No 47 Cintra Park.  His father was Sir Gustavus Hume and his mother Lady Hume-Gore.  During WWI he joined the Household Cavalary & Cavalry of the Line – 3rd Scottish Horse (A.P.M IX Corps), where he became Major Arthur Sinclair Vernon Hume.  He was Killed on 21 September 1915, aged 50, leaving wife Blanche Mary Hume (M 1893).  He is buried at Helles Memorial, Gallipoli, Turkey.

47 Cintra Park  [with kind permission of Our Heroes, South Dublin Libraries website]

Helles Memorial, Gallipoli, Turkey