Abercrombie Lockhart, Gordon M.A. (1803 to

Lived in Palace Square in 1861 and 1871

On both the 1861 and 1871 Census returns, is The Reverend Abercrombie Lockhart Gordon (Bn 1803 Banff, Scotland) (aged 57) and his second wife Ann (M1842, Stirling, Scotland).  In 1861, they had a 25 year old servant, from Wales, Ann Williams.  In 1871, they have an 18 year General Servant, Harriett Reed, from Reading, Berkshire.

He was a Clergyman of the Free Church of Scotland and was Ordained at Greyfriars, Aberdeen in 1826.

By 1873, they had moved to 29 Palace Road, where he died on 13 March 1873.  His wife, Anne, died in 1874.