Hitchcock, Isaiah Stanley J. (1880 to 1970)

Lived at 1 Troy Road in 1911

Stanley Isiah J. Hitchcock was born in 1880 in Upper Norwood and died in 1970.  He is recorded as serving in the navy in the First World War in 1916.  He was an engineer and patented laminated rotors for electrical machines with interior permanent magnets in July 1918 and permanent magnetic structures in July 1943.

Belper News 20th October 1911

A certain section of our residents were hugging to themselves the notion that Belper was to become the scene of the invention of perpetual motion, for wonderful stories were abroad concerning the inventor’s manipulation of magnetism and how this had worked the oracle.  It would seem, however, that Belper has just been forestalled in an extraordinary manner, for we now learn that a young electrical inventor aged twenty-two, has just patented a motor which he claims will run as long as its iron and steel last.  The motor is the invention of Mr Stanley J. Hitchcock, of Troy Road, Upper Norwood.  “Its principle,” he says, “is magnetism, and the secret of the discovery lies in the shape of the magnets, which makes them grow stronger the more they are used.”  The motor revolves in response to the same forces that make the world round.  Its power is unlimited, and it could be built inside the ordinary motor-omnibus bonnet.  The only cost after install is for lubrication.