Anerley Hill

Maps and Land Ownership
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Building of the street
Attempt to identify owners and occupiers of 1850s Penge Common properties on Anerley Hill & Church Rd from the current Cintra Park to Belvedere Rd
The 1844 Tithe map shows the following properties on the Cintra Estate and along the current Church Rd to The Alma

1 Cintra House, with a small building on Church Rd, that is identified as stabling in later maps.
2 A building on the site subsequently occupied by the RCPH. Plot size c1 acre
3 St.Katherines
4 The Cottage
5 Harefield (Known to occupy 2 Roods and 8 Perches (.55 of an acre)
6 The Hermitage (Grounds marginally larger than Harefield).
7? Spring Grove Lodge is on the 1844 map and was part of The Cintra Estate auction in 1899 but may or may not have been owned by J Vere in 1851!

Two properties between Spring Grove Lodge and Belvedere Rd
Properties owned by J Vere included in the Hamlet of Penge Rates Book 1st June 1850 (Almost definitely J=Joseph)
Assessment No Name of occupier Description Name of Situation Estimated Extent Gross Estimated Rental £ Rateable Value £ Observations/Comments
55 Westrow(?) House & Garden Westow Hill* 01:01:16 110 85 Presumably this relates to Cintra House given the size of the rates. It may also include The Cottage and St.Katherine’s, as gate houses, as these do not appear elsewhere. However, this would be inconsistent with the Penge Place entries that are very detailed.
56    ”   (Empty) Land 11:03:02 25 25 Grounds of Cintra?
57 Thomas Jones Land 04:01:00 9 9 Grounds of Cintra?
58 Rowlands House & Garden Anerley Hill 03:03:34 85 70 Presume that this could be the property that was on the site of the RCPH
59 Howes 00:00:36 65 50 This must be Harefield but extent should be 2 Roods 8 perch! However, Rate is same as The Hermitage as would be expected. Vere was not really the owner at this point as he put it in trust for his daughter Ellen and nephew (Thomas Jones) when they married in 1848.
60 Maitland 00:02:09 65 50 Known to be at The Hermitage (Area is correct)
Total 22:00:17
NB Only Howes & Maitland appear in the 1851 census
The total acreage crudely looks similar to the 1899 Rushworth auction map of Cintra estate
Other Rate Book Assessments in Westow Hill* (all beloning to G. Amott)
NB There are two properties shown on the 1844 Penge Tithe Map between Spring Grove Lodge and the corner of Belvedere Rd.
52 G. Amott Gravel Pit Westow Hill* 00:02:32 10/- 7/-
53 Broomfield House & Garden     “ 00:01:20 30 20 A John Broomfield is shown in the 1851 census. There are a further seven one/two person households, in low grade jobs, in the census between Harvey (below) and the Belvedere Rd entries. Could Broomfield (an unmarried clerk at Phoenix Insurance with a housekeeper) also run the house as a boarding house.
54 Harvey 00:02:10 40 32 Robert Harvey, a Customs House Agent with a wife and two servants, appears in the 1851 census. The area seems compatible with Spring Grove Lodge which, although included in the 1899 Cintra park auction may not have been owned by Vere at the time.
*Presumably Westow Hill was the name given to the Penge side of what is now Church Road
Direct extract from the 1850 Rate Book held at Wandswoth Archives in Clapham Library

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Significant Street Buildings

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