Seaverns, Joel Herbert (1860-1923)

Lived at 8 Vermont Road

He was the only son of Dr. Joel Seaverns and Jane Swain of Boston, Masachusetts.  He graduated with ‘magna cum laude’ from Harvard University with a BA degree in the Arts in 1881. He became a partner in the firm of Messrs Henry W Peabody & Co, foreign and colonial merchants.

He moved to England in 1884 to run the company’s office in the City of London.  He resided in Vermont Road, Upper Norwood a London suburb, later moving to Westminster and Kemsing, Kent.

He was appointed magistrate for the County of London and was the founding member of of the County of London Territorial Force Association. [7] He held the office of vice-president of the National Association of Shop Assistants. He held office as vice president of the Shop Assistants. In October 1902 he was adopted as parliamentary candidate by the Brixton Liberal Association.

He was a Liberal reformer and achieved the banning of children under 14 from pubs under the Children’s Act of 1908. He won the election by a small majority of 286 seats but failed to be re elected. Under the terms of his will, a charitable trust was established to provide for “the education, care, maintenance, support or benefit of such young people of any class of society whether infants or adults and being either poor orphans or the children of poor people as the trustees may from time to time select”.