The Rising Sun

The first beerhouse on the site of what until 2009 was Rising Sun public house on what is now Spa Hill, SE19 was originally called the Leather Bottle.  Until its name was changed by the Croydon General Purposes Committee in1878 Spa Hill was called Leather Bottle Lane.

The only reference to the sale of alcohol on Leather Bottle Lane in the census of 1861 is Mr Alfred Woods, his wife Mary Ann and a servant named Ann Pethers.  His occupation is stated as ‘Beer Retailer’ and their residence ‘The Leather Bottle’.   In the 1841 and 1871 censuses Wood’s occupation is recorded only as a ‘Gardener’.

Edward Woods was the licensee in 1869, having previously worked at the nearby Beulah Spa.

The Leather Bottle had become the Rising Sun by the time of the 1871 census with Edmund Owen recorded as a 27 year old Ale House Keeper’.  Resident with Edmund were his wife Eliza, sister Rosina and a lodger.

Henry Layton was resident at the Rising Sun in 1891 as ‘Beer House Keeper’ along with his wife Charlotte and a lodger. The Laytons ran the Rising Sun until World War Two. Henry died in 1909 and the establishment passed to his son Frederick. His wife Sarah Ann Layton took over after his death in 1934 and remained there until 1939.