Bedward Lodge, South Vale (1840s)

Bedward Lodge.  Dated back to at least the 1840’s. This was almost certainly named after one of its first owners, John Bedward, and it was a very large house (3 storeys and 11 rooms) and became known by local residents as the “Big House”, set out as it was in a substantial plot.  Later, the newly constructed Bedwardine Road was almost certainly named after the Lodge.  In 1847 John Bedward (68) died leaving behind a wife (Matilda Bedward, 31) and young son (John Thomas Bedward, 3).  In 1848, John died and his twin sisters were born (Matilda Mary Bedward and Elanor Marth Bedward).  The Bedwards then disappear from the Big House for approximately 60 years.  The 1911 census showed Matilda Bedward (then 63) had returned to Bedward Lodge as its head with Susan Teseant (Companion, 67), Matilda Hinton (Cook, 68) and Mary Wells Servant, 23).  Its not known why Matilda (1848 – 1920) returned to her parents’ house, having left in 1848.  One former resident of South Vale reported that he recalls Bedward Lodge being demolished, then presumably dilapidated, in 1959.