Balmoral Court

Balmoral Court is an Art Deco style block of nine flats on the eastern side of South Norwood Hill between Holmesdale Road and Hambledon Gardens.  It is one of the very few Art Deco style buildings in Norwood.  It does not appear on the 1932 OS maps of South Norwood Hill.

Art Deco is characterized by vertical emphasis and the use of ‘new’ materials like chrome, stainless steel, and opaque plate glass. Designs are geometric and use shapes like pyramids, chevrons or zigzags, and lightning bolts. Buildings sometimes include stylized figures of waterfalls, sunrises and mythological figures.

Front Entrance


The block has been generally well maintained retaining the original style of windows even though they have been replaced with UPVC and are lacking the curved corned panes that were originally installed.  The block has recently been sensitively repainted (images to follow)