1856 – Lower Norwood/West Norwood Station

West Norwood Station was opened as Lower Norwood on Ist December 1856 as part of the West End of London and Crystal Palace Railway.  It was renamed on 1 January 1886 by the London, Brighton and South Coast Railway (LBSCR) owing to the objections of an influx of new residents who objected to the “lower” prefix; they preferred the locale to be described instead as West Norwood.

1870 OS Map Showing location of “Lower” Norwood Station opened in 1856

Electric train services were introduced on 12 May 1911 between Victoria, Blaham and Crystal Palace.  They used an AC overhead wire system developed by the LBSCR as part of their Elevated Electric scheme.  The system was replaced by the current third rail DC system on 3 March 1929.

The original station buildings were demolished in 1959 and replaced with prefabricated CLASP buildings.